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Shattered Chapter 10- Beyond Angry

I ran through the woods after my rant. All I could think about was the way she looked when she started speaking about marriage with Jacob.

I felt someone trailing behind me and looked to see Jacob. The stench made me wish I never had a nose. I came to a halt and Jacob followed behind me.

"Was me raping you not an enough warning?" Jacob yelled loud enough for China to hear.

"Nope." I sounded the 'p' and saw the blood rush to his face.

"Even after rape you still persist on me not being with your daughter." Jacob stated.

" Hm I never knew you knew such a word such as Persist! It seems you need a prize." I joked.

"Well I have a joke for you." Jacob said as he grinned like a wild man.

"Yeah and what's that." I have had enough of this.

"If you tell anyone that I was the one that raped you then I will rape Nessie." He smiled.

"She is your imprint how can you even live with yourself." I growled.

"Well she did say yes to marriage." Jacob replied.

" Over. Pile. Of. Ashes. She will marry you." I growled.

"Well your probably wondering how I got her to say yes."

"Yes, please enlighten me." I rolled my eyes.

"It was simple, I just asked, and guess what?"

"What!" I was on the verge of exploding like an atomic bomb.

"Nessie is not my imprint."

"What!" I screeched.

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