Sasuke's Doctor

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It's been a few weeks since Sasuke mentioned his therapy. When Thursday rolls around, he invites me to attend a session with him. I'm really fucking happy he trusts me this much, so of course, I say yes. But I'll admit that I'm a little nervous at the same time. I don't know what to expect. I think he's nervous, too.

We're in the waiting room now. It's quiet. Soon, a pretty, brunette woman pops out of an office and smiles. "Sasuke, you ready?"

He stands up at the sound of her voice. I follow him and the three of us enter an office. "Hello," she greets me. "You must be Naruto. I'm Shizune Kato, Sasuke's psychiatrist."

"Nice to meet you," I smile at her.

"You as well!" She smiles back, gesturing to the sofa in front of her desk. "Have a seat, boys. We'll get down to business in just a moment." She begins leafing through papers and talking about confidentiality. I nod, letting her know I'm listening.

After I sign a form, she tucks it away and smiles again. "Sasuke has been doing much better. I suppose you're aware, though?"

I nod, glancing at him. "Yeah, I'm glad..." I tell her. "A lot of bad stuff happened recently."

"I heard," she says. "Have you two spoken about it at all?"

"Not really," I answer. "Sasuke didn't want to."

He lets out an audible sigh. "Because it's over. I'm not going to dwell."

"But it bothers you," Shizune cuts in. "It might be a good idea to tell Naruto how you were feeling in those moments and perhaps how you feel now. Some things are difficult to get over. I'm sure Naruto wants to understand. He cares about you, after all."

"He can't understand," Sasuke murmurs.

"Perhaps not completely," Shizune admits, "but with your help, he can at least have a better understanding, even if he can't understand on the same level as you."

"I wouldn't want him to..." Sasuke closes his eyes. "Some things are hard to talk about."

"I know," I tell him quietly. "I won't force you... but whenever you feel like it, call me. I don't care if it's at four in the morning, just promise you'll call, okay? I'll always answer."

He opens his eyes and nods. "Right. I promise."

"Plus..." I murmur, "that sick pervert is still running around."

"I know," is all he says.

"Don't you find it... concerning?" I ask. I don't understand why he isn't worried about it. If I were I his position, I'd be wrecked over it. I'd be so determined to get some sort of justice, but he's not even thinking about it... or so it seems. I don't really know what Sasuke is thinking. He simply shrugs in response, choosing not to answer. I'm hardly surprised. I let out a quiet sigh. I won't pry. Not this time.

"Sasuke," Shizune cuts in. "You're not talkative today... You were talkative for the past two sessions. Is it because we're not alone?"

"No," he says. "I have nothing to say today..."

"I don't think that's true," she tells him.

"My head hurts," he adds. He seems uncomfortable. I wish there was some way I could ease his anxiety.

"You're thinking too hard," Shizune says before suggesting, "Pretend he's not here."


"But he is," Sasuke states flatly.

"Pretend, Sasuke," she reiterates. "If he wasn't here, what would you say to me?"

Again, he closes his eyes. He swallows harshly, biting on his lower lip. He's trying to get the words out, I can tell. "I'd say... I'd say I'm scared."

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