Chapter 34 - Part 1

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"Cowyn!" I yelled, as the roar of water assaulted my ears. It was pitch black - he could be anywhere!

The labyrinth, without warning, had become a river rapids, throwing me left and right with no mercy. Waves threatened to pull me under, and I couldn't see any of it, much less Cowyn. I kept yelling his name, hoping in vain for him to answer - as if he'd miraculously pop up beside me. No, the world's not that nice. If it were, the labyrinth wouldn't have flooded a few minutes ago.

Again, I felt myself being pulled back only to be plunged under the cold water again. Cowyn was nowhere to be found - I was alone, and sure to die. There's no point, I thought. If Daeva's won, she's won. I stopped fighting and let the waves have their way with me, tossing me about. I shouted a few more times, my cries more and more pathetic. There was no way I'd make it out of this. I should have let Daeva kill me along with my father, I thought. Now I've lead my friends to death as well, and I'm powerless to stop it. Waves spun around me again, pulling me under and shifting me every which way.

The water slammed me into a wall, sending me careening off in a new direction, only to be pushed into more stone. Eventually, I'd hit my head so much I was sure I'd gotten a concussion, and a dizzy nausea swept through me.

'Where are you?'

Wait... What was that? I thought. I hadn't heard the voice aloud, but it was still there, realer than ever.

'Beckham? Where are you?'

I recognized that voice, but I never expected to hear it in my mind. Mason? I thought. Is that him?

'Yes! Yes, it's me! Oh my God, you're alive.'


'Laelyn's been worried sick.'

Laelyn... Laelyn was worried about me? I wondered what she must be going through. Is she okay? I thought, hoping Mason could hear me. I still didn't understand how his powers worked. Are you with her?


Is she okay?  I asked again. What about the others?

'She's alright. We all are. Well... I hope. We just split off from Isaac and Alyrica. This labyrinth is insane, there was no way to cover it all without splitting up.'

You split up? Are you kidding-

I was interrupted by another harsh blow of stone to my head. My thoughts became blurry, struggling to become coherent. All I heard was Mason's voice in my head, the only hope I had left, growing quieter and quieter as I slipped into unconsciousness. 

Author's Note!

Okay, so hopefully that wasn't confusing! I'm sorry I ended it there, but it had to be done. And okay, side note: CHAPTER 34?! That seems like such a big number!!! Like... That's just insane to me! Thanks for sticking with me through all of this, can't wait to see what y'all thought of this chapter! Love you all ^_^


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