Chapter 49

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"I still can't believe that you didn't tell me that he was going to be here Midge" I complained for what must have been the tenth time as we stood awkwardly in the garden.

She was clearly unremorseful about the fact she hadn’t, and didn’t even attempt to hide it from me.

"Like I wouldn't have come. I barely get to see you anymore..." she sighed, looking around to avoid my eye contact. I knew where she was coming from – having been the first person my age that talked to me over here, but at the same time, I didn’t really want to be affiliated with the Avenged family.

Not since I found out that Jade and Alex hated them at least.

"Well, that's not something can help, is it?" I snapped, trying to look at her harshly enough that she’d turn back around to look at me.

"You seem to be able to hang out with other people" she responded, still avoiding my gaze as we stood there. I could tell what she was thinking with that response.

“As do you” I retorted as casually as possible, making somewhat subtle and harsh reference to her friends.

As our conversation seemed to heat up slightly, I could see Gena moving around the garden in a fluster, looking for something.

"Yeah...our friends that you had no problem hanging out with before."

I couldn’t help but laugh slightly at that. I had only hung around them for a day. They were hardly my friends.

“What are you even trying to get at here?” I asked, playing dumb in a feeble attempt to deflect her interrogations as Gena came towards us, holding drinks of something. I could see in her face that she was trying to calm us down before anything happened.

“I’ll just go and get you girls some chairs to sit on” she smiled nervously before quickly hurrying away from us once more.

"That you're hanging out with those girls..."

“Problem?” I smirked as Gena returned quickly with chairs and we sat down, still avoiding each other’s gaze while at the same time trying to make ourselves look at one another.

"I've known them longer than you have. I know what they're like” Midge argued. At that moment, I couldn’t tell if she felt that she had been brushed aside and wasn’t happy about it, or if she genuinely didn’t think it was good for me to be hanging around with them.

Although, I did recall Jade and Alex talking about Midge in detention on my first day.

"Well, they might be different with me. We are two completely separate people" I pressed trying to annoy her more than anything. I wasn’t sure that I really believed we were two completely separate people.

"They don't act differently for anyone. They take drugs, they steal things. That's it."

I rolled my eyes at Midge. I knew that they could probably be trouble. And especially after the party the previous night, I knew that the people who they talked to definitely were. But they couldn’t make me do anything.

"I haven't seen them do either...and besides, what do your friends do? Eat?" I laughed, trying to piss her off as much as possible. I was beginning to want a reaction out of her.

"We enjoy ourselves in a way that won't kill us. What's with the bitchy attitude all of a sudden?" she asked a little defensively. The truth was, I felt completely pissed off because she didn’t tell me that my dad was going to be there.

"It's a defence against you!" I retorted, not really knowing what it was that I was actually saying. It wasn’t really a defence against anything other than my parent’s current situation.

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