Chapter Seven

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When my eyes opened, it was dark. A gasp escaped my lips at the chill that ran through my body. Despite the fact it was April and the weather was beautiful, I suddenly felt as if I was walking through the coldest depths of Siberia naked.

"Sibyl?" Came Merlin's voice.

When I looked over at him, he was sitting exactly where he had been sitting before I dozed off. He had turned in my direction, though, and the lights from shops surrounding us gave me a perfect view of his expression: quizzical.

"I just...felt this...chill," I tried to explain, shivering as I spoke. I was so cold, I had to wrap my arms around myself, trying to make myself warm again.

Merlin's eyes lit up with knowledge and within seconds he was up, shaking Thom awake and closing the curtains abruptly.

"Jeez, what time is it?" Thom asked, yawning. In this moment, he looked more like a five year old kid than the forty something year old man I'd known since I was a child.

"Morgana's using her magic to track us," came Merlin's short reply.

Thom was wide awake now, grabbing his sword immediately.

"How do you know?"

"When sorcerers try to use their magic to find another sorcerer—especially when they're in another dimension—the sorcerer feels the imprints of their magic. If I were tracking someone, they'd feel lightening because it's what I'm good at. Morgana's specialty is—"

"Ice," Thom finished, taking one look at my shivering form and putting two and two together. "Does she know where we are already?"

"Probably. I'm sure—" Merlin broke off his sentence, his jaw clenching. "No, I'm positive they'll be on us within minutes."

"H-how d-did they g-get to us so fast?" I wondered, teeth chattering from the cold only I could feel.

"Morgana set up men everywhere when she found out you were sent here. There are men in every continent, in every state, in every city. Morgana wanted to be sure you were dead." Merlin said these things briskly, his attention focused solely on Morgana's approaching men. "It's difficult for me to use my magic here, but I can use a little."

"We won't need magic," Thom told him, digging around in the duffle bag he carried and pulling out a second sword. It was simple and less showy than the one Thom had and he threw it to Merlin, who caught it mid-air. "Are you still good with a sword?"

"Did you forget who taught you?" Merlin asked, giving Thom a deadpan look.

A small chuckle escaped Thom's lips and he turned to me, wrapping his jacket around my shoulders and helping me stand.

"Up and at 'em, kiddo," he murmured as we headed out the door.

On our way to our car, we paused when we noticed cops surrounding it. Of course, our little scene must have raised a lot of attention. We had broken traffic laws, been shot at, put a lot of other people in danger. Not to mention, our car did draw a lot of attention. The smashed windows and the exterior covered with bullets.

Thom swore under his breath and we retreated.

"W-what now?" I inquired, the cold was slowly fading away and was now becoming a slight chill.

"We're going to have to steal a car," Thom said, his eyes darting around the parking lot as he made a beeline for a Kia jeep.

I didn't approve of stealing cars—or anything else, for that matter—one bit, but our lives were on the line here. With my magic, I could sense Morgana's men getting closer.

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