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Danae got out of the abandoned building and she looked around. She knew where she was and she sighed of relief. She had to walk to for a couple minutes to get to a bus stop. Luckily she has change.

 She began to walk on the sidewalk and it is quiet, seeing people walk by. Danae got to her destination and the bus came along, she got in and paid and went off. She looked out the window. Her mind is still trying to grasp on everything that happened and what she saw. Never would she have imagined that mythical creatures exist, but now that she knows, she swore to herself to keep it a secret. She hated seeing them being tortured. She is happy that they are free.

About forty minutes later, Danae got off the bus and is on the street of her apartment complex. She walked to her apartment which is on the top floor. She climbed the stairs and walked up, as she walked to her door, she sees two people knocking on her door.

It is Layla and Jessica. Both women turned and see Danae walking towards them and they ran to her and hugged her. "Danae! You are okay! We were worried sick!" said Jessica.

"Yeah we couldn't find you!" said Layla.

Danae did not hug them back and she backed away from them. 

"What happened to you? You look like hell?" asked Layla.

"I went through hell. I can't believe that you two like to see the torture of those poor creatures! I set them free and almost died by doing so!"

Layla and Jessica could not believe what they heard. "You what!? You set them free!?" yelled Layla.

"Yes, no one deserves to be treated like that! They have feelings! I never thought that you two would so cruel. On the other hand, I am happy that you both took me, if you didn't then those creatures would not be free. Now, I think it is best that we all stop seeing each other, I can't be friends with people who love the torture of others," declared Danae.

"You are crazy! You let them go! You should have died! Let's go, Layla!" said Jessica.

 Both friends bumped to Danae, but Danae did nothing, she let her ex-friends leave. Tears formed in her eyes, but she brushed them off. She got her keys that luckily didn't wash away and unlocked her door. She went inside and decided to take a shower.

Somewhere in the sky, someone watched the women talk. His wings flapped with the wind of the sky.

Jex saw everything unfold and he noticed Layla and Jessica. He remembered them both in the show and he clenched his jaw and hands. 

"Kill. Kill them." He sees them drive away separately and he smirked and licked his lips. He began to follow one.

His first victim.

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