Chapter two

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Jennifer Claves's P.O.V.
         Being an influential person in a society, wanting what is best for your figure is what you mostly think of.
        My dad is the CEO of Claves Linz management and my mum has a small fashion house she owns.
          My dad was an amazing dad until he asked me to marry Prince. I was OK with the idea, marriage was never a problem to me but when after days, he told me it was Prince I'd be getting married to, I regretted accepting the idea at the first place.

           Everyone knew him to be bad luck, drug addict, a bully, and everything but OK. His womanizing behavior was never news to us. But dad only wanted his company to grow bigger and richer.
           So my cousin, Eunice suggested," No mother will allow her son to marry a woman who still sleeps around with her ex while her marriage is a few days away," she raised her cup towards me.
            I didn't get what she was trying to say exactly but I wanted her to continue. She seemed to be making a point.
            "I know you don't have a boyfriend but you can get a fake one. Make a video with him and boom!!! The wedding is off. Letting a stranger touch you is far better than getting married to that guy. Imagine spending the rest of your life with him, having kids with him, growing old with him..."

             "I'd rather die! You are right. But where am I going to find a fake boyfriend?" I whispered, unconsciously taking her cup from her.
             "Does that mean a yes?" I nodded and she smiled before she continued, "Just take this room's e card, and a guy will walk into your room. A camera is already in place, press record when he enters and work your magic. I mean he knows what to do. I made him sign a contract," she informed excitedly, grinning.
             I frowned and she sighed.

             "I'm a lawyer duh, he won't say a word to another soul, he's just going to hold you like he owns you. And maybe touch wouldn't hurt. He won't do anything other than that. Trust me, he won't even see your face," her smile dropped as my brows curved the more.

             "Wow. You already planned this. What if I had said no? Whoa, you are always impossible. Normally, I would've said you were going nuts but trust me I feel like I'll be going nuts if I don't do this. So how much did you pay him?"

           "You got to be kidding me, Elvis Styles will never miss this opportunity. You should've seen him when I told him to do this. I only made him sign these papers so you'll feel safe."

            She kept laughing and I looked at the e card she had given me. I frowned, she got to be kidding me.
            "I'll be doing this in your father's hotel? Your dad always agrees to what his brother says and does. He'll tell him I came there. Are you mad!" I voice alarmed the room.

             "That will even make it easier. He tells uncle...I mean your dad, that you've been coming there. You know my dad, he loves to exaggerate. And when he sees the video, he'll totally be convinced. I know you feel weird and you are probably thinking about how mum and dad are going to say, 'where is my little innocent girl?' He says that to keep you in..."
             "I know it is worth it. Strangely, I don't feel weird. It sounds like an adventure. Little children going for a deadly excursion in a forest. Don't worry I'm all in. Thanks for saving me," I actually meant that.

            "I always do," She said nodding her head before disappearing into her room.

        As I felt his presence, I fought all my fears and everything else I felt away. Reaching for the camera, I told him it would start any moment from now. I couldn't really see him but I swallowed when  I saw him reaching for the only light in the room.
        I was lying on the bed. I could see his shadow on the wall. I needed no one to tell me this man had strong arms and broad shoulders. He pushed his hair back forcefully with his fingers. His shirt was lying on the couch and I could still smell him from where I was laying.
          He moved closer to me, his hand touched my arm and I shivered. I just had to trust him and probably myself that everything would fall according to plan.  Get a man to romance me and make it seem I have a serious boyfriend. That wouldn't be hard.

           I tried tying my hair but he stopped me. I quickly kissed him. I didn't know I could kiss so well, he seemed to be enjoying it. A giggle escaped my lips. The kiss went deeper and deeper till we couldn't breathe.
             Prince was the last person I ever dreamt of to be my husband. I know it was weird that I accepted to do this in the first place but I had no choice and i'm so sure this stranger will be thinking I go about sleeping with men to get what I want.

              I widened my eyes when I realized a soft moan had escaped from my lips. I doubted he even noticed as his fingers toured around my skin.

              I felt his fingers intimately touching me. I was so lost in the moment.  I tensed when I felt his fingers digging deeper, it was if I  I were taken to a new level and strangely, it felt right. I couldn't stop him. Not that I could've stopped him even when I wanted to.

               I felt so much heat even though the room was super cold. I quietly received his kisses. He was so perfect. I was lost in my own world for a while when I felt a hard object between my thighs. I gently waited to find out what it was.

                I closed my eyes tighter when he finally went into me. I got to know what the hard thing was. I felt an extreme pain I had never experienced before.
                I held him tighter as the pain became more unbearable. After a while, the pain was replaced with a sudden pleasure. I wanted more and he suddenly froze as if it just occurred to him I was a virgin.

               He quickly pulled out. He reached his hand to turn on the light but I stopped him. I didn't want him to see me. I was freaking out as it dawned me I was no more a virgin. I was actually freaking out, I had actually lost it to a stranger.
                I moved away and hugged myself and I could see him nodding. He moved away from the bed. He wore his shirt and walked out of the room.
                 He left without knowing me and without me knowing what his face looked like. At least I knew he was Elvis Styles...Eunice mentioned his name once.


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