Alpha Academy

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Above, or to the side, is what a Lycan is.

"What do you mean Alpha Academy?" I asked my father, Alpha Nick Corvin, direct descendant of Michael Corvin and William; the first Lycan. He sat across from me with his legs up on his desk and his hands clasped behind his head. My father stood at 6'4, with dark brown, almost black hair, dark green eyes, and looked like a thirty year old man, when in reality he was fifty two. The perks of being a Lycan.

And not just an ordinary wolf. A Pureblood Alpha Lycan's. An Alpha that was born from two Alpha parents who both had pure Alpha parents and so on. Like my dad I was stronger than other Alphas.

"I mean that since you are next in line to be Alpha you have to go to this academy. It's for the best. They will train you further and with the uprising of rouges you need to be protected anyway and this school will do just that." He said calmly. Doesn't he realise the two biggest problems in this?

I stood up abruptly, he just wants me to up and leave the pack? What about the others?

"What about the pack? I'm not just going to up and leave my pack like this Alpha, to be attacked constantly while I'm off at a preppy school." I said

"Yes, I realise that. That is why the other children and teens 18 and under will be going to a separate school that is six miles from the school you will be attending. I thought this through before I made the decision."

Obviously not thoroughly. He still didn't get the biggest problem.

"I still don't believe this is a good idea." I said with my hand rubbing my face.

He leaned forward in his chair looking me in the eyes making me look down. His eyes were hard but a lingering sense of sadness washed through them at times when he thought of my mother. He may be my father but it was disrespectful to look my father in the eyes. Other Alphas I'm not worried about.

"And why don't you Naiyla?" Yes I'm a girl. That's the problem.

"You really want me to go to a school full of male Alphas and me being the only girl? Don't you think something will happen?" I said. I don't want to be stuck in a school with a bunch of hormonal Alphas that will be competing with each other at all times.

My father turned fully towards me, "That is what you are worried about, Naiyla? I am not even worried about it. You've turned down every date you have been asked out on and even punched a guy for wolf whistling at you, not to mention the linebacker you tackled for attempting to touch you in a sexual way. So I am not worried."

I stayed silent thinking it over. It was true that I didn't really care for the attention of guys. I hung out with them as friends not as anything more. I had eating matches with guys and kicked guys asses in training. I didn't have time for guys.

Fingers were snapped in my face and I looked up at my father, "Do you doubt the training I gave you to protect yourself and others?" My father's face was still hard but his eyes looked broken. As an Alpha you can't show your weaknesses in front of others. You never want anyone to think you are a weak Alpha, so seeing my father with hurt in his eyes means that I hit him deep.

"No, Alpha, I would never. You are the best trainer and Alpha in the country." I said. And it was the truth. Alphas came to him for training their baby Alphas. And our pack is the largest and strongest because of him. His Lycan intimidates their wolves making them submit instantly. So if he wanted his pack to be the best it is the best.

He smiled a genuine smile and leaned back into his chair and put his feet back up on his desk, "Good you leave the day following tomorrow, Naiyla. Have your bags ready by ten so they will already be there. And also we are going to have a...goodbye party for you tomorrow night."

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