10. New Feelings

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"Zayn, can I borrow some pajamas?" I questioned from the bathroom, sticking my head out. "All of mine need to be washed, since I didn't wash them before we got here."

                "Sure, babe." Zayn winked at me, tossing me a tee shirt and pair or boxers from his drawer.

                My heart fluttered and I smiled gratefully, grabbing it and shutting the bathroom door again. Slipping out of my day clothes, I tugged on his boxers and then his tee shirt. Glancing in the mirror, I giggled — his shirt was so long on me that it managed to cover up his boxers, making me look pant-less. Whatever. Running a hand through my natural, soft brown curls, I stepped out of the bathroom and into Zayn's bedroom.

                From the bed, he glanced at me. Ignoring his gaze — which was raking up and down my body —, I shuffled towards his bed while rubbing my droopy eyes. Climbing on the plush mattress, I glanced at the small space beside me left for a whole other body. How were we going to fit on this freaking bed? Zayn snapped me out of my thoughts by letting out a low, sexy laugh as he neared the bed with a perfect grin.

                "Alright, ready to make this work?" He asked, his eyes shining with amusement.

                "I'm going to have to lay on you," I whined.

                Zayn sent me a wink. "I don't mind."

                "Can't you sleep on the floor?"

                "It's my bed, sweetheart. No can do."


                "Just move over," Zayn instructed, sliding on the bed and pushing me over gently. "We can make this work out just fine."

                A few minutes later, I was curled up on my side beside Zayn, who had his arm protectively — and possessively — around my body, keeping me close against him. His free hand was resting on my hip as I suddenly realized that I would never be able to go to sleep; not with this perfect human being sleeping right beside me, his arms around me. I bit my lip and glanced up at him through the darkness of the bedroom to see him already smiling down at me.

                "See? We're team possible." Zayn teased, the hand on my hip leaving for a second so he could brush my brunette locks from my face. "We can do anything."

                I rolled my eyes, but couldn't help but smile. "Yeah, I guess we can."

                A silence passed over us as I shut my eyes, my head leaning against his perfectly sculpted chest. My arms were around him comfortably as I somehow let my body and senses relax, registering this entire position as something to not freak out over. Seriously, I had no idea how I was even growing tired again as his arms tightened around me for a split second, his breath fanning across my cheeks.

                I knew these feelings towards him weren't good. Besides, he was my best friend — besides Jamie and the other boys, at least — and best friends don't turn into boyfriends. He's famous, too! Why would he ever go for a girl like me? A normal girl.... Who is on tour with a famous band, I suppose. But Zayn could have a freaking super model if he just asked for one.

                "Are you tired?" Zayn murmured, his voice sounding sleepy as well.

                "Mhm," I mumbled.

                "Then go to bed, beautiful."

He didn't have to tell me twice, no matter how many butterflies released into my stomach at that moment.

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