Korean Name

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-A Korean Name have a (3) Syllables. No space between them.

But when the names are get Romanization.it have a space.
Jeon jungkook
       ☝🏻it have space between on the first syllables

-김태형 (kim Taehyung)

김 -First Syllable

태 -Second Syllable

형-Third syllable

The first syllable above is a Family name (apelyido).The Second Syllable is a Generational name
And Third syllable is Personal name. Or maybe The second syllable is Personal name and the Third syllable is The Generational name.

*Generational Name.
- Generational name is Shared by your sibling or your Cousins or maybe with the member of your Extentional Family.

(do you know kpop group called "Boyfriend" the two members of them are siblings(Twins))

조영민 (Jo young min)

Jo-Family name
Young-Personal name
Min-Generational name

조광민 (Jo Gwang Min)

조-Family name
광-Personal name
민-Generational name.
(This name is From Kpop Group boyfriend twin members.)

-Do You Know Crayon pop Group?Twins member? There name is:

Huh min jin 허민진

허 Huh-Family name
민 Min-Generational name
진 Jin-personal name

Huh min sun 허민선

허Huh-Family name
민Min-Generational name
선sun-Personal name

Huh Min Jin
Huh Min Sun
Basta ang Una ay laging Family name. Para madaling alamin kung ano ang Generational name nila is kung ano yung mag kapareho sa pangalan nila tulad sa taas Min ang pareho. Para malaman ang Personal name is titingnan mo lang kung ano ang mag kaiba sa pangalan nila tulad ng Jin at sun yung yung Personal name nila.

But not all siblings Shared Generational Name.
Just like YG entertainment Group AKMU akdong Musician.

Lee Chan yuk
Lee soo hyun

☝🏻no matching syllable except of their Family name.

Most of korean have  3 Syllables name.But Some of korean Have only 2 Syllable name

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