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Okay, this was supposed to be a serial rants but I just wanted to rant about Indian cartoons too.

So, except for very few cartoon, like Motu Patlu, almost all of the Indian cartoon is about a strong boy child fighting off the villain.

I don't know any of the title so I finally decided to use some google for this book.

Here are some list:

-Little Krishna


-Chhota Bheem

-Roll No 21

-Kumbh Karan (not sure)

-Luv Kushh

Except for Kumbh Karan, I have at least once seen all of the above cartoon on TV and its all about the little boy and his group of kids fighting with the villain.

I saw Kumbh Karan on Wikipedia and I think its also the same but I've never actually watched on TV so I might be wrong and there might be other cartoons as well which is little boy fighting off bad guys or monsters.

I know its stupid to rant over something little kids watch, but still, I think its stupid to create new cartoons with the same theme over and over again.

Like come up with something new!!! May be keep one of them in which little boys fight the villain, and may be for change, make a girl who is strong and fight off villain if you gonna stick with the same theme anyhow.

Or its not like all the cartoons needs to include fighting off bad guys.

It can be anything random.

Like just make a kid who is interested in chemicals and in each episode, he come up with some random chemicals and something like that. Like just example for one episode, he comes up with a chemical which will turn the boy into and adult and he pretends like an adult, but exclude +18 scenes of course.

Oh my god, I think I should start making a cartoon in real lol

Nah, just kidding.

But seriously, I really hope Indians wont come up with any more of little boy fighting off villain kind of cartoons any more. Even though I don't watch any of that, obviously, but still its so annoying, I don't know why.

And there's one more rant!!

It's specifically about a cartoon called "pakdam pakdai". Have you ever seen the cartoon?

Is it just me or is that cartoon exactly copy of the Oggy and the Cockroaches?

In Oggy cartoon, there are 3 Cockroaches and 2 cat which is Oggy and his brother. And in Pakdam Pakdai, there are 3 mouses and 2 dogs which is Don and his brother. And in both cartoon, its a war between the 2 VS 3.

Why to make same cartoon over again?


I just currently searched up on wikipedia, it said that Pakdam Pakdai is inspired by Oggy and the Cockroaches.

But why to recreate a cartoon? Just for new characters? I don't know, but I seriously think that was unnecessary and not needed at all.

Well, that's all for the rant.

Who else don't like these remade cartoons?

By the way, talking about Indian cartoons, I quite like Motu Patlu. What about you?

Until we meet next time :)

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