Part 4 "Antares"

Narrator's Pov

She's literally taking it seriously.

"I can't slip this one off as an exception to your rebelious act. And according to your record, you've broke almost all the laws the Jungle Government has set." Sabi ni Izeiah.

The Gorilla stared at Izeiah at disbelief. Even the monkey cannot believe that this human being is talking to an animal and taking this seriously.

"Izeiah, have respect to the human kind. The animals will think that we have the same level as them." Ivan said to her.

"Ivan, can you just be useful and tackle him down before I call his cousin" sabi niya.

Is she mental?

The Gorilla suddenly run after stopping to hear Izeiah's nonsense blabbers.

"Anyways, I'll just get another one no biggie. Ivan, do you know anything about this flower?" Izeiah stared down the bucket that has the 2 flowers.

"They're called Nymphaea Antares. It's a tropical night bloomer. Last night you thought there was a red pond but the truth is, it was just the reflection of the flower. And I think you've already guess that the relation between this flower and the game is they both need the night so they can both work and bloom. And---- Antares's color looks like the color of blood" He explained. Tumango tango si Izeiah.

"Is it just me or does people really don't know how to find a good hiding place?" she added and throw something to her right side.

"Look, there's no point in hiding if I already figured out where you are."

"What a slut, hanging out with a Shikaiken to gain success. Desperate Bitch. Nagmana ka ata sa mga magulang mo."

"Hear this you damn whore. You are just a spoiled brat who is too damn ignorant to know who is their superior. Let me tell you this, Grace Family belongs to the Gryst Clan you know that of course but did you know  the Robinson Clan is on the verge of losing their patience if it wasn't for me, you would've been lying on your death bed already."

"Bakit mo alam mo ito? Ang mga myembro lang ng Clan namin ang nakakaalam nito?"

"Stupido, I'm a Robinson of course I know all of this stuff. What have you done to them that had caused them to go mad?"

"Hmm? Hindi mo alam? Hindi mo ba naaalala na noong gabing nag-----"

"Hazeline Grace!! Keep your damn mouth shut or I will personally kill your family." Ivan said in a low voice. Nagsimulang manginig si Hazel ngayon na natandaan niya na nandito rin si Ivan.


"What night? Ivan tell me!" Izeiah turned to Ivan and demanded him to tell what had happened.

"Nothing. You don't need to know this.  It's none of your business."

"What do you mean, none of my business when it's clearly all about me!"

"I told you, none of your business" Hindi nagpatinag si Izeiah at nakipagtitigan kay Ivan.

"You don't know whom you're going against with, you little bitch" biglang singit ni Hazel at inihagis ang isang kutsilyo. Lumipat naman ang tingin ni Izeiah kay Hazel

"I know every detail about your awful life." Izeiah retorted.

"Awful?, My life is fabulous"

"You mean, two-timing?" Izeiah said and put her hands in her pocket

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