Chapter 22

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Harry P.O.V

We arrived at the shuttle tunnel just as the light was fading. Conveniently, all of our tickets and online purchases were valid and we moved through swiftly.

Somehow we managed to get the car through without a word as well, seeing as Louis had stolen it - one of the many things that had us constantly bating our breath.

Once we were on the shuttle tunnel, Zerrie fell asleep. Those two could sleep anywhere. I looked at them longingly, wishing it was me and Boo snuggled up like that whenever we wanted.

I couldn't wait to see all the other kids again. I missed Cher, and Ed. They were my two best friends there. I couldn't help but feel guilty that I left them all behind. And Gemma.

I didn't realise I was still staring at Zerrie while getting caught up in my own thoughts. Snapping out of it I turned away to see Louis leaning on the window. I clambered out of the car and walked over to him.

"Hey Boo," he jumped a little and turned around. As soon as he saw me his face lit up in a grin.

"Hey Hazza!"

"What you up to?" I asked. Louis looked back to where he had just been standing.

"Does it look like much?"

I laughed and joined him at the window. We spent  moment in silence, just enjoying each other's company until he jumped, causing me to jump.

"What?" I asked, worried.

"Did you see that?" he asked excitedly. I frowned and shook my head. He returned to the window, gesturing for me to do so as well. I turned my gaze back to the window. He jumped again.

Again I shook my head, asking him what he was jumping at.

"The fish," he replied, "They come straight at the window!" Now I was downright confused.

"What fish? Why are we anywhere near any fish?" For a moment Louis' smile faltered as he realised.

"You've never been on one of these before have you?" he questioned solemnly. I shook my head, embarrassed.

"Hey, no need to be embarrassed!" he said, pulling me into a hug. "They must've been awful to you there. What was it like?"

I could tell he was genuinely curious, not just pitiful as I returned the hug. I pulled away shortly after even though every limb of my body was screaming to leap into his arms again.

"Well... We were fed... I don't even know it was literally slop. I was more skin and bones than I was when you first found me. I had been there for months after running from Cheshire," I began. "Ben sent Perrie, Olly and I to school until we turned twelve. By then we had learnt the basics of talking, reading, writing and so on. According to Ben that was all we needed. When his hybrids trading business grew he didn't really bother sending any of the others to school. I knew that when he bought Ed, he had already had four years so he knew some things. Of course with our heightened sense we learnt very quickly how to do certain tasks, so the others really just picked up talking from us three, four. Five after Perrie taught Cher."

Louis nodded, his interest increasing in every passing second.

"Well I think the school years were the best of my life. It gave me a break from all the beatings."

Louis froze.

"He... He beat you?" He stuttered. I nodded.

"Yeah, everyday after school, reminding us we were nothing more than objects to him. School was a break. Not much of one cause I got bullied for being ugly and weird because I was the one who c-couldn't s-s-speak very... v-very well..." I began wheezing a coughing, remembering the panic attacks I got when I talked about my past. Soon enough, a few tears slipped through my stinging eyes and fell down my cheeks.

Louis honestly looked like he was about to cry as well as he wrapped his arms around me and soothed me until most of me tears had fallen.

"You don't have to continue..."

"No, I want t-to. It's fine f-from here," I said, clearing my throat afterwards and continuing.

"Perrie helped though. She may seem motherly and nice but when someone messes with her brother, she doesn't like it. I tell you it was rather amusing but rather scary at the same time... Seeing Perrie in that state. If someone did something to Zayn, God you'd better run!"

Louis smirked softly but his face turned solemn again after.

"Oh Hazza, I'm so sorry," he said, enveloping me in probably the millionth hug today which I gladly returned.

"It's kinda weird thinking of you and Perrie as brother and sister... I don't really know why..." Louis commented.

"Well, we don't really look alike. We had different DNA donors so that's understandable but we kinda grew up together so we've always classes each other as family. It was nicer than having Ben anyway." I explained.

Louis nodded his head.

"Yeah... Yeah. You hungry?" he asked. I nodded slightly.

"Let's get some food-"

"FOOD?! What, where?" We laughed and Niall's head popped out of the open car window and began looking frantically around for food.

"Inside the car you dork!" Louis exclaimed, "I'll get you some to!"

"You better Tommo!" he warned, disappearing back inside the car.

"Tommo?" I asked. Louis waved it off.

"It's a nickname."

"Why Tommo, though? I thought your name was Louis?"

"Oh right, no it's my surname. Haven't I told you? Oh crikey I thought I'd told you. Well it's Tomlinson. I'm Louis Tomlinson."

"I'm sure you have probably told me and I just forgot..."

Louis ruffled my hair fondly before leading me inside the car. He placed together some sandwiches and crisps, handing them to Niall, himself, me, Liam, Jesy, Jade and Jack. Zerrie were still asleep.

With our sandwiches we went back outside and sat down on the edge. I watched Louis for a minute and tried to hold it how he was holding it.

I nibbled on the corner of it experimentally.

"Have you ever had a sandwich before, Haz?" I shook my head, embarrassed.

"Had you ever had proper food before you met us?" I shook my head again, focusing my gaze on the ground.

"I just kinda ate what you ate... I didn't really know much about the food only that it was better than the slop we were given at Ben's lab."

"Oh... Right. I'm sorry..."

My head snapped up. "Why are you apologising? This isn't your fault..."

"Shall I help you?" he asked, shifting closer. My heart sped up rapidly as his closeness.

"Hold it like this, and just take a bite..."



"Okay..." I gingerly took a small bite out of the middle of the top.

"Do you like it?"

"It... It's nice, yeah!" I took a bigger bite, grinning as Louis grinned and bite into his. I glanced around the shuttle tunnel while eating. Jade and Jack were submerged in deep conversation about a... Oh I don't know I can't be bothered with Corocottas Menta right now. Liam, Jesy, Niall and Zerrie were in the car. Jesy was chatting with Liam in the boot of the Jeep.

They were sitting with their legs dangling down off the edge. Niall was behind them, feasting on crisps and occasionally joining in the conversation.

Zerrie were still asleep.


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