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May 19, 2017

"Hey, boy toy!" I greet standing in the shower to get away from Mattie's screaming for a few seconds. I needed everything to be as quiet as possible while I set my trap in place.

"Babyface to what do I owe the pleasure?" I can feel his mischievous grin etched into his lips from the way he said Babyface. The moment I heard the name leave his lips made my skin crawl, I hated the nickname I was pinned with. Plus I don't even have a Babyface so what the hell?!

"I'm really really lonely tonight.." I trail making my voice sound a little more seductive. I had to make it believable so that I could get him over here.

"Are you? Where's your little boyfriend?" Zayn asks me as I get a little more anxious the higher the pitch turns when Mattie isn't tended too. My stress levels were at a high that caused me to profusely sweat as if I were is some cartoon.

"Out of town for the weekend, I could really use some company," I say keeping my cool while Mattie screams a few feet away from my closed bathroom door. Keep your cool Madeline!

"Where are your parents?" His questions were irritated and the conversation was already longer than I intended it to be. However once I had the plan or trap in place there was no going back, I was committed.

"Out of town I have this place all to myself with no one to share it with, so what do you say?" I fiddle with the ring on my finger, nervously twisting it right then left.

"I mean it would do you a disservice if I left you lonely," he says and from there I knew I caught the fish by the lip. I smile and wipe the sweat pouring from my brow in victory.

"Don't make me wait," I hang up and roll my eyes at how easy it was to entice Zayn. I swear he was a slut magnet if it eluded to or even referenced sex he was there front and center.

I hurry and pick up Mattie to try and subside his screaming by changing him into a pair of his pajamas despite his day clothing and night clothing looking basically the same. I must say I was extremely jealous considering he got to wear comfy soft clothes all day and all night, babies are just comfy human beings!

"Do you want me to sing you a song?" I ask Mattie who is just genuinely unhappy. I am stretching my ideas thin since I had tried everything Carly wrote in her hundred page novel.

"Umm okay... don't you open up that window, don't you let out that antidote! Poppin pills is all we know-" I catch that flow but then realize that it's probably inappropriate that I am singing this song to a baby. Who even am I?!

"Ooooh it's just me, myself, and I solo ride until I die cause I got me for life. Ooooh I don't need a hand to hold even when the night is cold-" I realize then I shouldn't be singing rap to a baby, he can't handle my flow. Maybe singing was a bad idea, think Madeline think!

"Do you like to dance?" I ask Mattie swaying back and forth moving my hips smoothly. Growing up my mom had put me in salsa dancing and even though I wasn't good at it by any means I did learn a thing or two. Let's just say these hips didn't lie.

A light moving across the window caught me attention, Zayn had just arrived. I scramble for Mattie's binky and lay him back in his car seat before dashing to put him in my bedroom. I had to keep him quiet so that Zayn didn't suspect anything out of the norm. "Please just be quiet for 2 minutes, I'll be right back!" I promise Mattie who has quieted down for the time being.

I hear Zayn's knock and race to answer it, my hair blowing backward from the way I ran to aid the door. I swing it open and see Zayn standing there with his black distressed leather jacket and plain white tee that surprisingly doesn't have paint splatters all over it.

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