March 31st, 2017

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I'm exhausted. It took me 3 hours to read the last 60 pages of my book for my final assignment. And I did a 5 hours shift at the grocery store. I've been a checkout clerk for 3 years.

There were so many people today. I didn't dare look around my booth because I knew that I would get dizzy just by seeing the amount of people.

Then I've been assigned to the entrance booth. Scanning less stuff, more tasks to do around, like sorting beer bottles, make mountains of beer cases... I love that place, it's not boring.

I got asked the name of the new guy. I don't even remember the name of half my coworkers and it's the same staff as 3 years ago, don't ask me about the new ones. I remember all their faces, but the names? Nope...

Although I find my job fun, it's so draining. Being all smiles to everybody, being surrounded by so many people and so much bright lights, it's not very fun. I'm so sensitive to lights...
But when I'm tired, the noises get to me. The people talking, the music, the non-stop beeping, the carts... Sometimes it makes me want to hide in a corner, cover my eyes and my ears and stay there for an hour.

Now after so many sensory stimulation, my bed is calling me. My bed, foot-warmers and bad kpop Tumblr fan fictions. I'll probably read them until midnight, even though I'm tired as shit.

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