But she didn't expect to see Emiline standing there outside, just in front of the tree on the left side of their house.


"Oh my gosh, Em."

Her eyes is obviously wide in shock by now and her jaw hanging open. She couldn't believe what she's seeing and her heart made a little happy dance at the sight of her best friend.

Not thinking twice, she immediately ran outside the house, not caring if her feet is bare, "Emiline!"

Emiline stands there, smiling and waiting for her.

"I missed you," Kira says as she reaches Emiline, but before she could even get ahold of her best friend, a car passed by at full speed smacking Emiline through the side making her best friend fly into the air in full force.

Kira shrieked, "EM!"

And then she opens her eyes.

The cold night air makes her shiver and she finds herself still on their roof, empty root beer cans beside her and Emiline's journal close to falling out of the roof.

It was a dream.

It feels too real.

Kira groaned and then stood up from her position. She yawned, still feeling that pain in her chest as she carefully slid through her bedroom window, inside her room.

Emiline is very much alive. It was just a dream.


As soon as Kira steps inside Northern High the next day, she was greeted by a number of students whispering about her and giving her dirty looks. She pushed past a number of students blocking her way and all throughout the time, her head is trained down on the floor.

She's getting sick of these hateful remarks and stares.

"Kira!" Eleanor calls out, slinging her arms around Kira's, "don't mind them. They're pathetic."

One of the juniors called out on Kira, "Where's your best friend? Busy sleeping around?"

And then they all laughed, Kira felt her ears reddened by anger and frustration. It's bad enough that Emiline is missing, but having them still say rude things behind her back, and boldly in front of Kira makes it even worse.

"Hey Kira! You free tonight? Maybe you could give me some!"

"Don't you have anything else good to do with your lives?" Eleanor snaps at the guy who just called over on Kira, "fuck off!"

Kira fastened her pace which made it hard for Eleanor to keep up with her. She wanted to scream, but she can't at this point. Because if she did, she knows that it'd just bring her to tears after.

Maybe Emiline did the right thing. Maybe she was right about running away. Kira just wishes that Emiline had taken Kira with her.

She reached the girls bathroom and surprisingly and fortunately enough, there wasn't even much people inside. Just two freshmen who looks like they don't have any freaking care about the school's latest gossip.

She lets the water run through the sink as she washes her trembling hands. Tears threatening to spill out of her eyes but she tries her best to stop it. Eleanor came in after a few seconds.

"Sorry about that," she says, "some people are just fucking rude, but don't worry. After this school year, we're all free."

"I want to find Emiline," Kira blurted out.

"We all do," Eleanor says.

"No. I mean," she continues, "I want to find her like for real. I want to search around this small town, and if I still can't find her, I'm gonna have to search around the other towns."


Kira sighs, "I don't know how or where I will start yet. I've searched around the town for the past week but I came empty-handed. Maybe I just have to try and look harder."

Eleanor looked at her with sympathetic eyes. She too wanted to know where Emiline is, but she figures that what Kira is feeling right now runs deeper than her desire to find their friend. Afterall, Kira is Emiline's best-est friend.

"I'm gonna go now," Kira announces leaving Eleanor inside the bathroom alone.

Maybe she just have to search harder to bring her best friend back.

        Maybe she just have to search harder to bring her best friend back

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