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        KIRA FINDS HERSELF wide-awake on their roof that Friday night, with two cans of root beer beside her and Emiline's journal on her left hand

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KIRA FINDS HERSELF wide-awake on their roof that Friday night, with two cans of root beer beside her and Emiline's journal on her left hand.

She looks up to the sky, sighing, as she scans through Emiline's journal once again.

She had already read all of Emiline's entries, but nothing leads to her whereabouts until now. She didn't even know if that page 34, --- an entry with Blake Kahn's name in it --- was even clue.

She's tired of trying to find answers as to where Emiline is. Like Eleanor said, no one even asked Kira to search for her. But Kira remains undeterred. Emiline is her best friend, and she's Eleanor and Neimann's friend too. So why is it that she's the only one who seems to be affected by
her missing?

Why does everyone's lives has to move forward while Emiline and her are still stuck on that night on September?

Why is life so unfair?

Kira swallows a lump that's starting to form on her throat. She drinks the can of root beer and then stared up into the sky. She's completely lost.

"Seven months?" she says, "why didn't you take me with you? Why didn't you tell me that you're going to leave me all alone in this hellhole?! Emiline why do you have to leave me here with all their whispers and judgment and assumptions?! Why didn't you take me with you when you left?! Why?!"

By the end of her sentence, she's already a crying mess. She's screaming on top of her lungs, cursing profanities while she leaves that voicemail on Emiline's phone. She just wish that Emiline had included her in her getting away plan. She wishes that she had run away too.

She stared into her phone screen that later turned black. She drank the other can of root beer and when she's finished, she threw it down, not caring where it will land.

"Kira?!" she hears someone call out her name.

Absentmindedly, Kira peeks down from the roof, seeing someone out there in front of their house. She furrowed her eyebrows in confusion as to who would be looking for her late at night.


She sighs, taking Emiline's journal on her right hand. She slowly, and carefully slid back through her bedroom window before discarding the empty root beer cans on the bin next to her desk.

The next thing she knew, someone's already throwing rocks by her window and she groans in frustration.

Placing the leather journal down her bed, she went down the stairs quietly, -- making sure not to wake her parents up -- and opened the front door.

She peeks outside to find no one, furrowing her brows, she opens the door wider and takes a single step outside.

Her thin pajamas didn't do justice to her small frame against the cold night air. She didn't feel the coldness up in the rooftop unlike now. Slowly, she cranes her neck to the side searching for the owner of the voice that's calling her.

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