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(Song:Shape Of You)

A Thundering Metalic Love

Third Person's P.O.V

A quick blinding light flashed in front of the large mansion in the dark of the night as four figures stood there. 3 males, and a pale bloody female, waited as the large doors opened. “Kasai.” Lucy painfully smiled at the maid in front of them. She bowed as she quickly ushered them inside the mansion. “I sensed the disappearance of Master Hikari, is it true?” She asked, opening the doors to a guest bedroom as they lied Lucy down.

She stared at Kasai guiltily as she nodded. “I am to blame. I had let them fade right before my eyes, and I couldn't do anything to help them. I’m sorry I couldn't protect your master.” Lucy whispered, tears falling as she stared at the ceiling.

“If I had gotten their faster, your master wouldn't have gone but I took him away from you. I took them away from everyone." Her voice trembled as Kasai shook her head. “No, you saved us and everyone else. The jewels you had taken would have fallen in the wrong hands. The beast you have killed could have killed many more if you had not killed him.” Lucy shook her head as she turned towards her. I may have their power now, but they had ruled their realms differently. They will all agree that I am not worthy of ruling their own realm. War will break out, and if they do not achieve what they want, the barrier between our realms broken and this realm will be dragged in the middle of it. Despair. Chaos. Pain. Loss. They want everyone back.”

Kasai shook her head. “War will not always break out. You are indeed worthy, the demise of our masters could not have been prevented. Destiny has lead you on this path and nothing can change that. Unless….” She wrapped a bandage around her neck as she smiled, letting her sentence drift off as she stared at the boys. “She carves her own path.” Laxus said. Kasai nodded before turning to Gajeel. “And forms her future through her own hand, taking control. Gihi.” Gajeel sighed as Kasai returned staring at Lucy.

“Parts of destiny cannot be escaped. But, most of it can as long as we change the path we stride on. You can leave tomorrow, it's best if you do, I'll bring you transportation but you must rest first.” She gently placed as towel on her forehead as she ushered the boys out and lied a sleeping Adam besides her. “Your rooms are right there.” Lucy heard as the doors slightly shut and the world turned dull and Gray before blacking out.

Lucy's eyes jolted open as she felt a sharp pain in the back of her spine and a ‘thump’ echo in her ear. She groaned in pain as she quickly snapped her eyes shut and tried to raise her hand. Keyword: Tried. Slowly, she opened her eyes adjusting to the light as she stared in front of her. “Laxus?” She whispered, her voice hoarse. “I'm here too bunny girl, gihi!” She slightly tilted her head, before wincing in pain and leaning on Laxus. “Where are we?” She asked, tiredly. “On our way to Fairy Tail. How are you feeling?”

“Sore. In pain. Tired. Like I'm burning. It hurts.” Lucy whined earning a chuckle from Gajeel. “Where are we anyways?” She leaned back, into Gajeel as she sighed. “No clue. All we can see are clouds.” Laxus shrugged. “Oh. Alrig- Wait CLOUDS?!” She exclaimed, quickly sitting up before she clutched her sides in pain. “Kasai told us that she got a friend to transport us, he’s a mix breed of nightingale, mourning dove, and an eagle.” Gajeel commented. Lucy slowly nodded, sighing in relief as she slowly settled herself in between Gajeel’s arm.

“Thanks for carrying Adam in your arms and keeping him warm, Laxus.” Lucy smirked as she earned a grunt in reply. She chuckled as her eyes closed and she felt the wind push against them, her clothes rustling with the force. She didn't know how much time passed or how they had gotten there so fast, but when she woke up they were at the doors of Fairy Tail. She was laying in Laxus arms as Gajeel thanked the mythical creature who only nodded in reply before flying off. Adam was currently staring at the large building in awe as he looked around them, amazed.

“Its the first time Adam has ever been away from that forest and the realms. He must be so excited.” Lucy smiled, placing her hand on Laxus for support as she tried to stand. Her legs gave up as she fell, falling into Gajeel and Laxus arms. She growled, frustrated. Gajeel opened his mouth to speak but was quickly glared at by Lucy. “Whatever coming out of your mouth isn't good, I will have Adam torture you.” He immediately closed it, earning a smirk from Laxus. They carefully stood up, balancing Lucy on both of the boy's shoulders, as she winced in pain. “Adam.” Lucy called.

He quickly turned his head towards her, his expression happy as he ran. He slowly stopped, placing his hands in front of him and fidgeting as he blushed. “Lucy-Nee-Chan, I hope you're alright.” He smiled. Lucy stared at him strangely. “What's wrong Adam? Why aren't you giving me a hug?” She asked as Adam shrugged. “I shouldn't hug you since you're hurt.” He stated as Lucy shot a glare at the two boys. “I don't care if I'm injured. I want a hug!” She pouted, bending down with the help of the boys, as she opened her arms.

His expression brightened as he leaped into her arms, hugging her tightly. “I love you too!” She laughed giving him a peck on the cheek. He giggled as he hopped down, waiting for them. “They're going to see my bandages!” Lucy whimpered as she stared at her arms and legs on the ground. Laxus rolled his eyes as he took his long coat and draped it around her, shoving Gajeel to carry her. “Yay!” Lucy smiled!

Gajeel sighed as he picked her up, following after Laxus who had opened the guild doors. Adam's eyes gleamed as he stood there behind them. Laxus sighed, picking up the boy as they made their way up the stairs. Everyone ignored them, but they hadn't found it strange. “Master! We're back!” Lucy cheered, swinging the door open happily. Makarov lifted his head as he nodded. “Lucy child, what happened to you?” He asked, curiosity and worry in his tone. Lucy only shrugged in reply. “Gramps you ain't worried about us? Gihi.” Gajeel questioned. “The only one who seems to be severely injured is Lucy. She isn't even walking or sitting down in her own chair!” Makarov exclaimed. Laxus rolled his eyes as he placed Adam down.

Makarov glanced at the little boy running around as he gasped. “Laxus you didn't have a child with Lucy did you?! When did you make me a great-grandfather and never told me!” He sniffed happily. Lucy blushed, covering her face in Laxus’s jacket as she groaned. Laxus only stared blankly at him, but nobody could ignore the redness of his ear. Gajeel quietly growled while Adam stood there confused. “That's her brother old man!” Laxus grumbled as Makarov nodded. “Yes, I knew that.”

“Now then young one, what is your name?” Makarov asked, leaning over his desk to view the small boy. Adam stared at him before smiling. “I didn't know they had dwarves here too!” He exclaimed. Silence immediately filled the room before they each covered their mouths, Adam staring innocently and shadows covering Makarov’s eyes. “My name is Makarov little one. What is yours?” He asked, smiling. They sweatdropped. “My name is Adam!” He cheered, reaching out for Lucy's hand. She gently squeezed it as she signaled him over.

He bounced in excitement as she whispered in his ear. “Can I really?!” He asked grinning from ear to ear. Lucy nodded as she turned towards Makarov. “Would it be possible for Adam to join the guild?” Gajeel snorted as Lucy whacked him on the back of his head. “Ow bunny girl! Gihi.” He rubbed the back of his head as Lucy rolled his eyes. “What magic would he have? Everyone in the guild will be curious.” Laxus asked. Lucy stared at him in shock. “Oh my gosh you asked something smart for once!” She gasped, as a stack of paperwork was thrown at her head.

Lucy pouted, rubbing her forming bump, as she glared at Laxus with animated tears. He stared at her blankly before turning towards Gajeel. He nodded, gripping her sides as he began tickling her. They watched as she laughed, tears in the corner of her eyes as she struggled to push his hands off of her. Gajeel released her as she panted, inhaling at every chance she got. Groaning she glared at them. “I'm still injured.” She hissed. Adam tugged on her sleeve as he wiggled his fingers. “Lucy-Nee-Chan do I show them?” He asked. Makarov stared at him before turning to Lucy. “I wasn't aware that another Heartfilia was alive.” He commented. Lucy shrugged as she nodded at Adam.

“Wolf Summon: Claws Of The Alpha!” He cried, a green magic circle appearing underneath him. The walls were marked with claws, deeply engraved as Lucy smiled proudly. “Adam.” He turned to face her, the look of happiness and pride clear in her eyes.

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