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Simon and Baz lay in their bed together, gazing into each other's eyes. It was nearly two in the morning. They'd stayed up late watching a tv show, and the tv was still on in the background, but they'd gotten bored with the show and laid down together. They weren't talking much, but they weren't doing much else either, only laying and cuddling in the bed, half asleep and happy. Baz smiled at Simon.

"I love you so much, Simon Snow."

Simon smiled back, his eyes fluttering, trying to stay awake. "I love you too, Bazzy."

Baz blushed. He loved it when Simon was half asleep and gave him pet names. He sniffed, brushing away a tickle in his nose. Simon booped his nose, giggling. "Got a sneeze, Bazzy?"

Baz laughed, poking Simon back. "Yeah." He fake sneezed. "Achoo!"

Simon rolled into Baz, curling into him and fitting into the curves of his body. "I'm so tired, Bazzy. I wanna sleeeeep."

Baz smiled, running his fingertips through Simon's bronze colored curls. "Good night, Simon."

Simon settled down, resting his head on Baz's pillow. A few minutes later he was asleep, and Baz smiled down at his boyfriend. Suddenly the tickle in his nose came back. He tried to stop it, but he sneezed. Loudly. He woke up Simon, who yelped, flailing around and falling off the edge of the bed. Baz snorted, laughing. "Oh look," he said between laughs, "Snow is falling. What a beautiful sight."

Simon popped his head up from the floor. "Oh shove off, you bloody idiot." He climbed back into bed. "Don't sneeze again." 

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