Chappie 1 - Spoons & Bieber

áƒÂ¦Ã¡ÂƒÂ¦Ã¡ÂƒÂ¦ Liam's Point Of View ღღღ


"Come on Liam!"

"I won't do it!"

"It's just metal, you bloody baby."

"Yes. Metal. In what form? I absolutely refuse!"

"Niall, just stop it already, he's not going to do it."

"But Harry!"

"Niall now you stop being a bloody baby."

"But Lou!"

"Oh my god! See this is the exact reason why I don't eat breakfast or any other meal involving spoons with Niall and Liam, they have this argument every single time!" Zayn brushed his hand through his hair and then laid his head down on the island counter, I smirked.

"What Zayn? Can't handle the fact that I always win the arguments?" He silently mocked me from where he sat and then lifted his head up.

"No, I can't handle it, Daddy Direction." He spat out and I rolled my eyes, then directed them back on Niall who just so happened to be holding one of the devil's instruments closer to me than before, I leaned back further and further and pretty soon I fell off the bar stool. Lou, Harry, Zayn, and Niall all burst out laughing.

I moaned as I stood up, holding my bum. Bloody hell that hurt! I glared at the guys as I grabbed my cereal bowl from the island. I picked out the fork and shoved it in Niall's face.

"I will never use one of those blasted spoons." I shouted and he glared back at me picking up the rather large mixing spoon. He held it up in the air.

"This means war!" He shouted and my eyes widened. He pushed the spoon towards me and yelled "Charge!" I ran out of the kitchen still holding the cereal bowl. I ran down the hallway and slid into the living room, my socks sliding pretty far on the hardwood floors. I set my bowl down on the coffee table and jumped behind the couch with my fork.

"You bastard come out and fight like a man!" He yelled as he entered the living room. I popped my head up over the couch.

"I feel no need to fight like a man when you're just a leprechaun!" I yelled back. His eyes widened and he held his hands to his heart.

"Gasp! Take that back you bloody British fool!" He yelled. I shook my head, holding my fork in the air.

"Never! Also, you don't actually say gasp you idiot!" I yelled. He jumped over the couch and tackled me to the floor; he was straddling me trying to put the spoon against my face as I tried to move my arms which he had pinned above my head.