Blood and Ancestors

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Marco 's POV

As I was walking home I literally feel like complete shit, but on the other hand I feel AWESOME, I sock the shit out of 7 guys ,7 GUYS, I feel different, I don't feel the same way before.

As I'm walking I instantly remember that I got blood on my hoodie ,and I look like I got back from a steel cage match, oh shit, what are my parents going to think about this? Ugh ,oh mannnn there's my house, well, I'll just tell them the truth, I mean, I am the safe-kid after all , at least not anymore".

As Marco walked up to the front door of his house he pulls out his keys until a screeching sound buzzed in ears he dropped his keys until everything  went white and the next thing he knew a person was standing in front of him in white and red robes, "who are you, where am I"? Then the man walked up to Marco, " Before I tell you anything allow me to introduce myself I'm , Ezio de Auditore Firenze , and to answer your question , you are were you were before, but at a different time,". Marco backed off still frightened of the man but he tried to keep calm , Ezio smiled and put his hand on Marco's shoulder," don't be afraid, after what you did , you took out 7 Templar's twice your size , but listen closely, the reason I'm talking to you is because those men were just a taste of who the Templar's are," "OK, but I don't even know what and who the Templar's are or what an assassin isn't, Marco said in confusion. Ezio sighed in disappointment ," well best get settled, I got a story to tell and it's going to take a while to get it all out."
" And so, this why the assassin 's have dedicated themselves to the pursuit of the Templar's cause if they succeed , they're visions on the world will become reality''. " And how do I fit in to all this I mean, I'm not an assassin". Then Ezio cut him off ," you already were an assassin, from the time you were born, because you're parents were assassins, I mean I saw it even though I was dead , do you want to know where they made you"?"what, WHAT THE HELL NO!"."GROSS"! Ezio laughing hard, " alright well I'll best be on my way, and I'll be back, take care Marco and whenever you're in trouble I'll appear to you and so will your other ancestors," "wait my ancestors, Ezio! Wait!". "Good luck Marco, may the creed guide you." "WAIT!"

By the time Ezio left everything went white once again only this time Marco wasn't back at his house, he woke up in his bed, and rubbed his head, he got out of his bed and headed downstairs only to see it was morning and without hesitation he prepared himself and the school day ahead .

After showering and dressing up he went downstairs to find a note

Dear, Marco , where , we're you last night I was worried sick about you!!!! Anyways I'll see you at school. And your parents wanted me to tell you that they're going to be out for 5 weeks , so it's just going to be me and you. So, don't panic, they'll be back and they're doing fine , I'll see you at school.

~ Star 🌟

Marco put the note down and wondered where his parents where and why they're going to be gone for 5 weeks , and he was guilty for letting Star be by herself all night but he knew he had to get to school , and out the door he went and locked up the door. "Sigh... well look out Echo Creek, here comes the new me ".

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