Chapter 20 || White Boy Alert !

Sometimes you have to forget what you want to remember what you deserve.

Quite confusing that quote, isn't it ? Normally, you would consider your desires and wishes to coincide with what you deserve, meaning that you have to follow what you what you want in order to get what you deserve but what if you have to, in fact, do the direct opposite to achieve that ? I've never thought about this before I read the quote. After I read the quote, I realized that it does contain a germ of truth. You often hear people complaining that they do not deserve something, saying they deserve better and mostly it's true. The moment you think you deserve better, you do.

The problem is that there are many people, especially girls, who do not realize that they are trying to capture the wind, being completely unaware of the fact that they are wasting their time, especially when it comes to boys who cheat on them and treat them like crap. In the contrary, isn't it their own fault ? I mean, they choose to be unhappy then isn't that automatically what they deserve ? Questions and more questions.

Does this quote apply to Paula ? Maybe.

Do I think that it applies to her ? Definitely yes.

I've been sitting here with Matt for only five minutes and I already want to kick him so hard in his balls that his children will still feel it and I can tell you I'm not the only one. If you didn't know that he went to our school, you'd probably think that the asylum had day pass. Lizzie is just staring blankly at him because he's been talking for about five minutes straight. I really don't want to be here right now. For one moment, I was really wishing for the boys, sitting on our table so that we don't have to face him alone..

Me and Noah are not really on good terms since the little encounter in the class room. We tolerate and also ignore each other and do not argue when the others are present, just in order to not cause any kind of unnecessary fights. It's just better this way and I'm more than fine with it. According to Lizzie, she has almost completely forgiven Eddy and they are on a friendly basis right now which I'm really happy about. I'm not really angry at him anymore, too, since I know that most of it was just Jessica's fault. The boys have completely broken off with her. At first I was afraid that she'll just continue her dirty game but since there is no one left to influence, she kind of gave up and is now chancing her luck at harassing the jocks as well as her little minions.

Thankfully, this whole tensed situation has been de-escalated and everything kind of went back to normal, except for that stupid jerk sitting in front of me.

"...and then he told me that I cannot enter the cinema because I did not pay and I was like: ' My shoes are much more worth than your life, you peasant.' ", he tried to show off, I just shook my head in discomposure and watched Paula being utterly fascinated of his lame stories.


The word peasant seems to be his favourite word because he used it about a hundred times in the past few days. Eloquent much ?

Looking around the cafeteria, I tried to find a way out of this hell. Unfortunately, I could not make out anybody whom I could possibly know. The door slung open and the boys came into the cafeteria.

Certainly, drooled over by the majority of girls and seated themselves next to some of their guy friends with their backs to us.

Okay, I have two options: Either I keep listening to that arrogant snob and allow my IQ to decrease itself by another 20 % or I'll make the boys join us so that they will set an end to this. I would have done it myself but Paula would be pretty pissed if I said something against him and I don't want to cause an argument.

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