Oh No... He's Here

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Jack's POV

     The day went by pretty fast, faster than usual but I was just glad to get out those classes. I looked at my school schedule. Great... I have P.E. next. Everything was going great so far, I haven't ran into the idiot teacher again today. Yet. Ignoring my thoughts, I walked to the locker room. I don't like P.E. that much... Everybody gets to see my body and I get nervous, but never showing it on my face. Heading to my locker, I pulled out some gym shorts and shirt, replacing them with my school work. I sat down and pulled my phone out, scrolling through social media.

     I felt something strange, something I get everyday. Someone's staring at me again. Lifting my head to find the person, I glared. That's when my eyes landed on the new teacher. Shit! Looking away immediately, pissed with the thought of him here. My P.E. teacher. "You," I growled.

     He didn't respond but continued looking at me. I decided to ignore him, looking back at my phone. The bell rang and I tossed my phone into my locker, passing the teacher with a glare. I sat down on the ground, away from people. Still feeling the teachers stare, I looked around, trying to find something else to focus on. That's when I heard whispers. I listened closer, trying to catch what they were saying.

     "Did you here about the new P.E. teacher," a girl with blonde hair asked.

     "Yeah, his name is Mr. Fischbach," the other girl replied.

     "I heard he's very strict, this class is gonna suck!"

     "Try not to get your ass kicked," she giggled.

     Who's Mr. Fischbach? Is the the new teacher I ran into? Well, now I'm fucked... I groaned as I looked at the new teacher. He didn't look all that bad. If it wasn't for him being a dick in the hallway, I would of thought he was really kind. By the looks of it, at least. Suddenly, like he knew I was staring at him, he looked my way. My whole face heated up. Am I blushing!?! He seemed to know what I was thinking cause him to smirked. I felt my heart melt in my chest. I swear, I'm not gay!! This is gonna be one hell of a year... 

Author's note~

Hey guys! How did it turn out? You like it so far? I don't know but I hope you do, and I look forward to continuing this book! I'm determined to finish it! Well, that's all. See yea!

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