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Why Do You Keep Lying To Me?

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*Background For Liar*Spoiler ALERT*Story dedicated to the one and only, MeaningCounts

Fan her please ;3 -cough- she just might drive you insane -cough-

Silk is your socially awkward girl, she has only but one best friend, Liz. Silk is pretty damn gorgeous, but hides herself under sweats, messy hair, and huge jackets. As you can see, she doesn't care much about her appearance. One day, on spring break, Silk is bored out of her mind and Liz just so happen to go to a vacation to Italy! How epic! Silk decides to join a website, for teens to chat. Its called, obviously, "Teen Chats." There she meets, Ash_65 ,being, Silk_65. She gets along great with him and stuff, same interest in practically everything! They send pictures, then Ash starts acting weird. She sees lies in him and gets worried. When he asks to meet her, she's overjoyed. She meets up with him and is surprised to see he is in his mid-thirties. Then, from that point on, everything spirals out of control...

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