Chapter 21 - Kisses and airplanes

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I sat there still in shock. 14 eyes are staring at me.

I can’t do this! Not right now, not in front of all people.

Without looking at someone I ran away. Straight into the bathroom. I locked the door and sat down, with my back on the cold tiles. I wrapped my arms around my knees, a single tear rolled down my cheek. I heard a soft knock on the door. “Doreen?” A male voice said, I guess it’s Zayn. Then someone shouted. “What the hell are you doing there?!”

“I just look after Doreen.” Zayn replied.

“ I need to speak with you. Now!” The other male voice said, still shouting.

“Okay.” Zayn said.

What’s going on in front of the door?

“You know about my feelings for her, right?” The other voice said, now really quiet.

I stood up and walked towards the door, because I don’t wanna miss a thing.

“Yea I do.” Zayn mumbled.

“Than what’s your problem? Why are you so clingy to her?” The boy raised his voice.

“It’s because I.. I love her…” Zayn got really quiet at the end of the sentence. I can imagine that he stares at his hands right now, like he always does when he’s nervous.

“No! No… this can’t be true!” Niall screamed. “And she loves you too right? You are the crush she has since 3 years, aren’t you? How stupid I am?! And I still had some hope that it could be me! How stupid!!!”

“No! Niall listen, that’s completely-“

“Oh C’mon shut your mouth bastard!” Niall shout.

A few seconds later someone bang against the bathroom door. I sprung backwards. What happened outside there?

“Get out of my way!” Niall said.

“What are you doing? Where are you going?” Zayn replied.

“That’s nothing of your business!” He shouted and I heard a door bang.

Niall’s gone… NO! I opened the door and run into Zayn’s back. “Everything ok-“

“Where’s Niall?” I interrupted him.

“I don’t know.”

I ran towards the front door. This can’t be true! That’s the worst nightmare ever!

“Niall!” I shout and run downstairs. I can’t see him, he’s gone. I collapsed on the footpath. Why didn’t I kiss him?! The whole drama hadn’t happen if I just had kissed him! I’m the stupidest person on earth!

I laid rolled like a ball on the footpath and started crying. My heart was broken, again. I didn’t notice as my friends touched me and spoke to me, I can’t hear them. Some strong arms wrapped around me and lift me up. I smelt a nice aftershave, but I don’t know who’s one it was, I also don’t know who it was, I just wanna die right now.


I ran away, away from the girl I love so much, away from the boy I thought was my friend, away from all the pain. But the pain won’t disappear.

As I lifted up my head I saw the light of a pub. I literally ran inside, straight to the bar. I sat down on a seat in front of it and ordered a glass of vodka. Usually I don’t drink, but today is an exception. The barman handed me the glass. I tilt it back and took a drink. The vodka feels hot on my tongue all the way down to my stomach. I can feel the heat in my cheeks and the small amount of alcohol in my veins that grows with each glass I take. I relax, I feel good. I forget all the pain that caught me. I took another sip from my glass.

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