Chapter 26

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Ahmed's POV

I drive her home and she leaves without looking at me. I call my friend Shahzad, who's a detective.

"Hey man, how are you? Long time no talk. Where have you been?" I hear his cheery voice.

"Walaikum Assalam," I greet back. "I'm great, just a little busy with life," I say, knowing what his reply will be.

"Wooow broo. So busy that you forgot us? Nice. So how did you call me?" He asks.

"No, I didn't forget you and that is why I messaged you, just to talk you know..." I trail off.

"Aha, right. Now tell me what do you need?" He says and I imagine him smirking.

"Alright...I need all information about my wife..." I say and then tell him everything I know about her.

"Okay bro, your work will be done. I'll call you, when I get the information, Take care," He says and hangs off. I sigh and drive back home.

Few hours later...

I sit in my living room, watching TV and waiting for his call.

"Bhaiiiiii," Maha calls.

"Hey princess," I reply and hug her. "How was your day?" I ask.

"It was greeeeat. You know Anas asked to come to his birthday party. I'm so excited!" She exclaims, clapping her hands.

"And...who is he?" I ask, getting curious.

"Why should I tell you?" She smirks and runs. I catch her and start tickling her.

"He's a friend, he's a friend!" She yells in between laughs.

"That's how you get an answer," I grin. I hear my phone ring. I signal Maha to go change while I attend the call.

"Hellooooo broo. I've got all the information. She lives in Lahore but she visited Karachi a while ago for a couple of days. She lives with her husband and a little girl which I your daughter," He tells me everything and I feel my heart shatter.

But why do I care? She left me anyways. Of course she'd get married.

But I need to meet my daughter..

"Alright, thank you bro," With that I hang up.

I book a ticket to Lahore. Tomorrow 1 pm.

I walk towards the kitchen to inform Mama.

"Mama, I'm going to Lahore," I say, scratching my neck.

"Why," She frowns.

"Um just have some work there," I reply, hoping she won’t ask more.

"Work there? All your work is here," She says, doubtful.

"I just have to, trust me I'll be back soon," I say, holding her hand.

"Okay," She sighs, I hug her and mumble a 'thank you'

I run up to my room and ‘lay’ down on my bed.

Should I tell her that I'm going? Or should I leave just without informing her. I do need to make some arrangements for a driver for her.

I call Ayyan next.

"What do you want," I hear his annoyed voice.

"Assalam Alaikum brother," I say, calmly.

I hear some shifting and he finally replies.

"Walaikum Assalam, please bro fix all the problems with her, she's very upset about everything," 

"I will soon, trust me. I just called to tell you that I'm going out of city for a day or so. Please drive her to university for that time period and don't tell her anything. I trust you," I cut the call, not letting him give the chance to ask any questions.

I sigh and pack my clothes.

Ayesha's POV

I sit in the car with Ahmed and he starts to drive. We both sit in complete silence. A silence that is awkward and not comfortable. He parks the car outside the house. I get out and head inside.

Ammi greets me with a glass of water and frowns when she looks at me.

"Why are your eyes so red?" She asks, and I look away.

"Uhh, lack of sleep I guess. Nothing too serious," I chuckle nervously.

"Ayesha, if you need any help in anything please tell me. I know something is wrong but I won't force you. Tell me when you're ready," She says, giving an assuring smile. I smile back and head towards my room.

I think of the memories we had together.


We were in the coffee shop after Ahmed picked me up from University.

"Soo...what's your dream guy like?" Ahmed asks, out of nowhere. Just like he did before. Except that was about what’s my Prince Charming like.

"Hmmm.. My dream guy is someone who’s extremely caring, loving...and handsome. Sometimes I think I might have found him," I say, looking down at my coffee.

"Ohhh, who is he?" He asks, winking which makes me blush.

"Someone you know," I reply, with a mischievous smile.

"Aha, of course it’s me," He says, grinning and I slap him on his arm, playfully.

"No its not," I reply, laughing.

End of flashback.

How? How do I tell you that it is you? The thought brings tears to my eyes but I quickly wipe them away.

I lay on my bed thinking. Thinking if he cares. Thinking if he ever liked me or wants me. Or was it all just a lie. Will he go back to his wife? Or will he choose me over her.

With all those unanswered questions in my mind, sleep finally arrives.
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