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Author: PaperBlanks

Status: Complete

Rating: 10/10

Bow. Obey. Work.
Those are the things Caydrick must live after. As a slave, his only purpose in life is to obey his masters commands.

When Caydrick is sent to work at the Royal Palace, he ends up getting roughly tortured and soon becomes a sexslave for the Queen herself. When Caydrick fights back and refuses to work for her, the Queen is furious and takes something from him: His sight.
Caydrick must now learn how to live as blind, but is determined that no one must ever find out.

When he escapes the Queen's prison hold on him, Caydrick seeks to the town, for a place to hide. On an impulse he chooses to hide in a bakery. Here, he meets a young woman named Bethia, who decides to take care of him. She feels his pain and rushes to his aid. But the longer he stays, the closer she gets to him...

How will their relationship turn out? Caydrick never tells her he's blind, nor that he was a sex slave at the Palace. But how can that be? How can someone not notice that he's blind?

My review:
This story was amazing! It was so well written and the characters were perfect in their own way. There were some parts that were slightly difficult to read, but that's what made it so great, the fact that it could draw so much emotion out of you. This was a beautiful read and I'm thankful I came across it.

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