The deep voice sounded intimidating but it had a sense of innocence in it. I felt like I would trust him.

"What are you gonna do Liam?" One of the men surrounding me said.

"Louis, I'm tired of this shit. Just go home and sleep. You're drunk. I'll come to you house tomorrow." 'Liam' said.

The 'Louis' guy grumbled some gibberish words and stumbled away. The other guys went with him too.

I let out a sigh of relief.

"You shouldn't be here Aislinn." 'Liam' said.

"How'd you know my name?" I asked, scared.

"Niall talks about you a lot. And you're pretty famous." He said.

I took a better look at facial features. He had innocent looking honey coloured eyes and brown curly hair. He looked so innocent.

"How do you know Niall?" I asked.

"Niall is my best friend. Besides what are you doing here in this cold and this time of night?" He asked.

Only then I realized how cold is was. I shivered and goosebumps appeared on my skin.

I rubbed my arms attempting to get some warmth.

I felt a jacket being placed on my shoulders.

It might've been oversized but it was warm and comfy.

"So why are you here?" He asked politely.

"I was looking for Niall's house." I say.

"You want me to take you?" He asked.

I nodded and started walking. Our steps went in sync as we walked and talked about ourselves.

Liam left really familiar to me for some reason. Like I knew him before. But I couldn't put my finger on it.

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