The Wrench Assistant

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Title: The Wrench Assistant

Genre/Subgenre: Science Fiction/Steampunk

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Status: Complete

Written ByLeighWStuart 

Tags Used: adventure, bodice-ripper, fantasy, humour, humor, shortstory


Being a female wrench assistant in Graftin Port City was difficult enough before the police came knocking at the door. Now, Nabel will need all her wits and skills to keep herself in a job and her employer hidden and out of the local dungeon. When a mafia henchman crawls up through the drain, demanding his share, she has only one option - to start firing up her tools.

Cover Copy

Cover Copy

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Before I say anything else I must say this. Nabel is a fantastic character and I sincerely hope that someday (preferably someday soon!) LeighWStuart gives us more of her. Much more!

Now as I'm sure you're aware there is a fair amount of Steampunk to be found on Wattpad and some of it is really good. Some of it though, is really good, and in my opinion the latter is the category into which The Wrench Assistant falls.

Maybe it's because I'm a sucker for a strong female lead or maybe it's because I wish I could write Steampunk as well as this.

Whatever the reason, it doesn't matter. What does matter is that this is a really good read. Well written and clearly thought out, LeighWStuart gives us the merest glimpse of the world of Graftin Port City and to be fair, if you're anything like me, that glimpse really will leave you wanting to read more about the author's created world and the characters who call it home.

Reviewer: Anon

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