Agent Auber's Arial Adventure

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Title:  Agent Auber's Arial Adventure

Genre/Subgenre: Science Fiction/Steampunk

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Status: Complete

Written ByCarolinaC 

Tags Used: airship, bustle, flashfiction, flivver, gear, government, justice, ruritania, submarine, submersible


A spy finds herself in deadly danger high above the streets of the metropolis. Will she be able to obtain the plans for the submersible battleship, or will she fall to her death?

Written in response to the prompt from Ooorah's Tevun-Krus Magazine volume III - write a 500 word flash fiction about a steampunk spy.

Cover Copy

Cover Copy

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I may be biased here as the prompt for which this quite wonderful short story was written was, indeed, of my devising.

At only five hundred words in length this really is a quick, fun read. Ridiculously action-packed for such a short piece, too!

It's CarolinaC's choice of words though, that make this Steampunk short as good as it is and with lines like, 'I was searching my reticule for my pocket multi-blade when I heard the cabin door open,' and, 'Condemned out of your own mouth, sir! You can rest assured the Chief Justice will find your statement instructive,' I'm absolutely certain you'll agree!

Reviewer: Anon

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