Nearing around five minutes before five, he made it to the Creamery, seeing a crowd bustling around the outside and inside of the building. He looked at the crowd with some worry. "How am I going to find her?" he asked himself, then he remembered, it might not be a 'she'. "Or him? It?"

"Nah, it's a 'her'."

"Ah, gotcha. Thanks!" He took steps forward, before freezing and turning around. "Wait, how do you-"

"Hiya, Midoriya!" said the girl who answered his question earlier. She stood there, giving off a little wave, a little smile, and a little wink from her unusual eyes. The girl featured yellow eyes that had irises that resembled a target, thanks to her Zoom Quirk, pink dreadlocks, a dark-blue tank top, a jacket of the same color tied around her waist, and black, baggy pants. There was only one person who could fit the description.


"Yeah, it's me, Mei!" she said. "Long-time-no-see, eh?" She playfully elbowed him on the shoulder.

Midoriya could only blush from the light contact. "Y-Yeah. It has been a while, hasn't it?"

"Yeah, I thought we would never see each other again, dude!" She let out a light chuckle. "Anyways, what's up? What's cookin', good-lookin'?"

Before he could answer, the last line made his blush spread more on his face, feeling the burn in a couple more spots. "W-Well, all that h-happened was, well... not much."

She looked a little disappointed as she put her hand on her hip and cocked it to the side. "How come? Surely something happened after the while we've been apart? Nothing with Ochako, or anything? Is Iida still mad at me?" She deviously grinned saying that one. "Anything going up at home, even?"

"I mean, I'm not one to talk about stuff that happened. To be honest, it's been quiet lately."

Mei meekly shrugged. "If you say so." She noticed that she stood next to the wall of the Creamery and leaned against it.

Feeling desperate to continue the conversation, the student asked, "How have you been?"

She smiled, as if proud to answer. "Heh, couldn't be any better." She took out her phone and opened up her e-mail app to show him a message sent to her from some company. "I actually got hooked up with a company the other day, and they're really interested in my babies!"

Izuku almost forgot what 'babies' were to Hatsume, just remembering that she was actually referring to her gadgets. "You really did? That's awesome!"

"Right?" she said. She opened up another e-mail. "And then another." Then to the next one. "And then another!" And right to yet another one. "And then ANOTHER!" The girl let out a giggle without noticing and smiled while doing so, something Izuku has never seen from her before. However when she noticed, she blushed and pretended nothing happened. "U-Uh, anywho..."

"Yeah?" he said, letting her know he was still listening.

"I've never been this excited before! These aren't even small-time companies, these are all some big-timers. This is stuff that inventors dream of! I've worked so hard, and now, I finally get to show off my babies to a bunch of sponsors willing to take a look!"

"Guess the fight against Iida paid off, huh?" he said, remarking the fight.

"Heh-heh, guess you're right." She looked towards the wall, her dreadlocks in the way of her face. Though, the student could still see a part of her face as the wind gently pushed the dreadlocks for a second, and he found himself a little surprised by her expression. Her cheek was tinted pink... she was blushing.

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