The Text

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The sudden buzz caught Izuku's attention, and he reached over to get his phone while he lifted a dumbbell. He opened up his screen and took a glance at the message.

"Just a number?" he spoke to himself, noting that it had no name. Everybody he knew and talked to had their names typed in the phone so he knew who they were, for example, Ochako was just 'Ochako'. Though, this was just a phone number, a random person.

The message read:

'Meet me at Cold Stone Creamery, five o'clock. See ya there. ;)'

The strange, odd message got Izuku staring at it with a dumb expression. Was this just a text meant for someone else? Was this some prank? A trap? Sounded like it, maybe some weird plan conducted by Shigaraki. Either way, it wasn't like he was going to go there. Even if it seemed harmless just going to an ice cream shop, clearly in the public, he wasn't going to take the chances. He went back to his dumbbell, when randomly, his phone buzzed again.


He looked at his phone again, a text from the same stranger. It read:

'BTW, this isn't a prank or a trap or a wrong number. Just meet me there. ;D'

So now, it didn't seem much of a wrong number, but he still had his chances of being thrown into a trap. Who knows, maybe the villains will publicly attack him, if he got messaged by one. He flexed his bicep with the dumbbell in hand, put his phone down, then again, the phone buzzed.


"Come on..."  he said with a bit of annoyance. He was going to block the number just to get it out of the way, but first, he wanted to see what the text read. Slowly, he read:

'It's an old friend... or ally, if you want to call me that... just meet me there, k? :)'

He then got a little interested. An old friend? Who could've possibly been an old friend of his? All the friends he made in his life were with him now: his classmates from Class 1-A. He didn't really make friends in his childhood days back at elementary nor middle school... so who could it have been?

He thought a little trying to get some answers to pop up, when finally, one came up. It's been a while since he last saw her, so he texted the mysterious contact back:


The text was delivered, but after a minute, it hasn't been read. The miniature word beneath the text stood there as 'Delivered'. Still, he had a feeling. When it came down, it has been a while. After her loss to Iida (even though she eliminated herself just show she could promote her gizmos), she hasn't been seen since. The zoom-quirk user hasn't been put as a contact on his phone, considering he never really asked for it. But then the question that bothered him was how she got his number? Maybe a friend of his gave it to her without his permission? If that was the case then he'd be a little mad at whoever gave it out like that.

Anyways, he still looked at the message, when briefly, the word 'Delivered' changed to 'Just Read'. On the side of the screen, a text bubble popped up with three dots, meaning the contact was texting something. A new text appeared:

'Just come over, man. :l'

Izuku texted back:


Finishing up his dumbbell, he looked at the time on his phone. It was thirty-to-five, so half-an-hour he had to meet her, or him, or it. Whoever this contact was, which he still assumed was Mei, he would find out sooner or later...

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