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Hi guys! Sorry there was no new chapter today! I really thought that I'd be able to get my Rachel series up on Inkitt faster but I haven't yet. Big thanks to everyone who has already been checking! Hopefully they will be up some time tomorrow,  but if not I will post a chapter update here instead! :):)

Also, thank you so much to those of you who have gone and given my Facebook page a like and follow! I know the rating and review option has been glitching, so if you still want to leave a review of me or my work, feel free to post it in a wall post! 😊
If you haven't checked it out yet, you totally should! Keep up with everything to do with me, know when updates are coming, stay up to speed on my publishing news, and I'll even be posting sneak peeks to stories or maybe even some writing advice!
Like mentioned before, everyone who helps out will get a shoutout in a chapter of this book, but make sure you are letting me know on here that you've done it. Either comment here or send me a message saying 'done' so I know who to give the shout out to since Facebook names are often not the same as Wattpad usernames and I don't want to miss anyone!
You can find the link to my Facebook author page in my bio here or you can search my name 'Shelby V Painter, Author' on Facebook or follow this link if you aren't on mobile...
You guys rock and one way or another there will definitely be a chapter update tomorrow and we are going to find out something very interesting about Sir Dalton! So keep an eye out ;)

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