Chapter LI

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Mr. Howard opened my bedchamber door then pushed me inside it and once we were both there he locked it without even looking to see if anyone else might have seen his actions.

"He asked for your hand!  Are you telling me you are to be engaged to Henry Walker!" He screamed and this was the first shout from Mr. Howard I enjoyed, he was powerless and it felt wonderful.

"It turns out Mr. Henry's family is an old family friend and my own grandfather blessed our union."


"This is none of your concern I believe were the words you used yesterday on me?" I spit out what I had not been able to say yesterday and in my soul Mr. Howard's outrage only fueled my pleasure.

"Alice tell me now before I..." he could breathe fire like a dragon out to destroy a city in this moment.

"Before you what? What will you do? Will you shout louder? Whatever you do, know this, I will scream out Lydia's name and I will ruin you in the eyes of all your friends and of Joseph!" I threatened him like the good villain he turned me into.

"You are not the Alice I knew."

"I am not! For the Alice you knew wanted to believe in you, well no more, you really are just mad and there is nothing else to you but madness."

"I knew this would happen, you would let them get the best of you, you were never strong enough to stand on your own. One turn of fortune and look at you buried in their filth, doing exactly as they want you to, can you not smell your own rottenness?"

"Can you? This was not society as you claim, this was you! It is your fault I almost died of unhappiness! But no more I will live a full life with Mr. Henry."

"A full life?"

"Yes one with respect, peace and love which is something you can never comprehend."

"Do not speak of love for he does not love you! He cannot love you!"

"Be quiet! Enough with your lies!" I smacked his chest many times, "you are the one who knows nothing of love! You are the one without a heart!"

"Maybe I have no heart but Henry cannot love you because he does not know this part of you, that boy cannot begin to fathom your stubbornness to remain unchanged by circumstances. He knows not how you hide your heart so well not even you wish to fully know what is in it. He knows not of your thirst for vengeance for your feelings for me run too deep to be reasoned with by common logic."

"Let me go, I hate you, I hate you sir, with all that I am I hate you," I looked in his eyes with a boldness not afforded previously and I saw we both held our heads high with equal certainty of our reasons for the argument.

"Hate me for the rest of your life then but you will never be rid of me, try as you may I will always be a part of you Alice," Mr. Howard's eyes traced every part of my face and I held still unflinching from his power so when he finally let go of my hand was when I took my next breath.

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