Chapter Ten (i need more fluff *cri*)

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(I need more fluff... Sorry y'all. RIP me, Yay for you guys)

(Y/N) = Your Name (if you don't get it by now, I will kick your ass)

The dream:

Then it ended.

Real life:

"(Y/N)! Wake up! It's just a dream, not real!" James's voice sounds in your ear, and you looked at him. You feel salty tears in your eyes, brimming and spilling over. He gently wipes them away and you jump into his arms, burying your face in his chest.
"It was so real..." You mutter, voice muffled.

He holds you close, not letting you pull away even if you wanted to. "I know, I know. But it wasn't, it was a dream. Just a bad dream."

You nod vaguely, finding it hard to move when your face is crammed against his chest.

(8'0... It's all GalaxyUnicornGamer 's fault)

He comfortingly plays with your hair, twisting it and overall messing it up. You didn't care though, you just concentrated on calming down.


"Yes (Y/N)?"


"Why what?"

"Why everything. Why is it like this? Why do we fear the things that aren't real?"

"I don't know all the answers, but I do know that fear is natural."

"Just because it's natural doesn't mean I like when it happens"

He gently pulls you away so that he can see your face.
"No one does, but I'm here for when you are, okay?"

You nod slowly and unconvincingly, giving him good reason to suspect your not being truthful. His head tilts slightly to the left, one of the cutest thing you had ever seen him do. Then, in a dramatically epic turn of events, his black hair falls into his face and into his nose.
He jolts back, wrinkling it and scrunching it uncomfortably.
You burst into a fit of laughter, watching him try to move his hair out of his face.

When he finally succeeds, he looks at your gait, rolling around on the floor laughing madly. He bites his lip to keep from joining you in your giggle attack.
(I was out of ideas for what it's called. Sorry for those who are too manly to giggle 😊😉 Also, jsyk, during this time James put his cloak back on)

You hear your own voice fading and feel your supply of oxygen drain in your silent chuckling.
James simply stares at you, dumbfounded and attempting not to laugh with visible difficulty.

"J-james" you choke out, still trying to catch a break.

He smirks and sits down on the floor next to you, holding back a laugh. You manage to glare at him, but it only incites more laughter on your part.

Eventually, after you regained your breath and James has stopped teasing you, you both lie on the floor next to each other. He had his arms around you, you have a smile on your face.

The cold floor actually feels nice on your bare back, at least the part that your shirt isn't covering.
You roll over onto your stomach and start doing push-ups for absolutely no reason.

James watches you, intrigued. Then he joins you, moving slightly faster. You, being the competitive person you are, start doing it one-handed.
He does the same.
This pushes you to a clapping push-up, something you normally have a lot of trouble with.

James stops and watches you. "Damn..." He mutters softly.
You smirk softly and return to regular push-ups. He stands up, walks over to you, and sits on your back. You grunt under his weight, only able to do six before your arms wobble heavily.
He hops off of you, and lays next to you, indicating for you to do the thing he just did to you. You, happy for the opportunity, sit on his back.
He instantly starts to have trouble, making your smirk grow larger. Unfortunately for you, he managed to do seven before forcing you off him.

You take a deep breath, Wondering wether or not it's worth it to try and beat him.

"(Y/N), I wanna try something. Come over here." James had moved the couch off to the side and laid carpets down on the cold stone floor.

You walk over to him and he picks you up and lays you down flat on your back. You stare at him as he tells you not to move, which you respond to with a nod.
He moves to the opposite side, so his face is still over yours, but if you stood up you wouldn't be able to see him.

(I have an image in my head, I just can't pen it god dammit)

He gets on all fours and closes a lot of distance between your faces, but there was still a gap between you. You watch him, unsure of his intentions.

"I've always wanted to try this." He says before crushing his lips against yours.
It was a slightly awkward position, but James never made anything awkward.
You lift your head slightly to bring the two of you closer together. He pulls away, leaving you to lay your head back on the carpet and him chuckling softly.

"Well, did it achieve your expectations?" You ask him, and he smiles.

"Exceeded them" He answers, his golden teeth shining.
You smile back, unaware that this made him even more happy.

He holds out his hand, which you take, and he pulls you upright.
"Thank you" you say.

He ruffles your hair, ultimately ruining it. "To bed?" He asks, looking outside and seeing nothing but darkness.

You nod and start forward before he scoops you up in his arms.
"James, let me down."
He shakes his head, smirking, and carries you to the bedroom.

He sets you down in the middle of the bed. You scoot to one side to make room for him as he slips his cloak off and shuns in, leaving it on the floor. He lies down next to you and tugs your own shirt off.
You skeptically toss the shirt on the floor, watching James closely.

"No, not tonight. I just want to cuddle" he says with a childish smile.

(Awe, now I have postpone the chapter once more for more fluff :) Maybe I'll just delete it. *Shrugs*)

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