The Art of Persuasive writing

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Writing is the expression of thoughts and feelings.  Writing is considered to be the most effective mode of expressing the thoughts in a compelling manner. It gives an opportunity to openly express the thoughts without being bound by any kind of restrictions. We live in free society which gives us the liberty to state our opinion openly and portray our thoughts and opinions even if they do not match the opinions of the rest of the society. What other way could be better than stating it through effective writing?

 Writing is of many types. It could be free writing which a person does for himself for letting out his feelings and expressing the through writing. This kind of the most natural form of writing because it does not aim at targeted someone or with any clear motive in mind. The purpose is only to vent out the feelings and express them freely.

There are other forms of writing too. People often write to influence others. This form of writing is focused and done with intent. There are so many things and concepts and new innovations in all fields around us. One cannot have knowledge about everything but if that knowledge is shared then everyone can get informed. This sharing takes place when someone takes the initiative to write about something and share that information.

Writers share about the new concepts and happenings in the world. Through their writing, they may be attempting to influence a target audience. This has nothing wrong about it. It depends on the excellence, quality, fineness and writing ability and creativity of the writer if he succeeds to influence people or not. Sometimes the intent of the writer might not be to influence someone but his writing has so much intensity and it is so gripping that it captivates the readers. It shows the strength of writing of the effective writer.

This ability to influence the readers through writing is exploited by many. Writers are used to write about things and concepts in such a compelling manner that people start believing it and take every written word to be true. Many companies bank on such writers and use them as copywriters who write compelling pieces of writing that influences the reader and makes them inclined towards a product or concept.

The art to persuade a reader through writing depends on the intensity and quality of written words. Writing in a manner that instantly connects with the reader’s brain and makes him completely absorbed with the ideas of the writer shows the true strength and power of the writer. If the reader starts reading something and gets completely absorbed in the reading and his mind keeps on thinking about it long after he has stopped reading that shows that the writing was captivating.

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The article is shared by Fran J. Alston who is a professional academic writer and shares her interest of writing with the readers.

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