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2011; 2 years before initial Tall Oaks Outbreak

For the week you decided to go to Russia for vacation. You admired it's history even when it was, basically, evil. Only, you didn't know that there was a parasitic virus outbreak.

As you saw a man who fell over, as you helped him, you noticed his skin was purple and his eyes were black. Immediately, you ran away, hearing about the Raccoon incident, you knew what these things were and what they did.

They eat you and turn you into one of them

Looking back you saw people getting eaten, and fleeing, until you look forward to see and arm come out behind a building and knocks you out as the limb makes contact with you face.

You were barely conscious from the time you were knocked out till now. You remember 3 men, speaking Russian, and you getting carried to what seemed like a basement. It was all a blur as you saw darkness once more.


You stirred awake to see that you were tied in a chair.

Of course...

You tried to break free, but your arms were tied behind your back and your legs were tied to the legs of the chair.

Now for a thought as you looked around you. When you looked behind you, there was a knife on the ground.

'How convenient,' you thought.

When you were about to move your chair, the door bursts open with the men from before and a new man. His hair was in his face so you couldn't see him well. 2 of the Russian men tie him down to a chair next to you as the other one, now wearing glasses sat down. He looked if he was infected...

"I can't believe I got kidnapped without any breakfast." The other hostage complained.

'Really? That's his issue?' You thought.

"Who are you, some agent?" One of the Ruskins interrogated.

"I'm vacationing." The hostage said calmly

"And you pack one of these!?" The other Russian said as he held up a large rifle.

"Yeah, America was like this ever since the 2nd amendment." He joked

He really doesn't care about his position, does he?

You thought about that knife behind you. Only if you were able to fall over to grab it or something...

"And what about you? You an agent too?" One got close to you. His breath smelt horrible.

"What about you? Ever brush your teeth?" You grinned as he got angry

"Listen little lady, I will kill you--"

"Then why don't you?" You proceeded to taunt him

He gritted his teeth and pulled out a switch blade and put it against your skin, just under your jawline. The cold blade sent chills down your spine as he cut your skin.

You grunted at the pain and gritted your teeth, but showed no other signs of emotion.

"Wanna keep talkin' missy?" He grinned as a trickle of blood drips down your neck.

"Leave her alone." The hostage said flatly.

He stopped cutting you as he walked over back to the man.

"What? I don't believe you're in a position to make that kind of decision." He waved the bloody knife in his face.

The man only looked at them.

"Leave her alone."

The 2 Ruskies only laughed when they realized he was serious.

The older man in the corner started to cough up blood as the 2 men ran over to him.

"He's going to turn if you don't put him down now." The man with the long dirty blond hair said.

"Shut up!" One of them yelled.

"I hope he bites you first," you looked straight into his eyes, which angered him.

"I'd shut up if I were you." He threatened,

"What are you going to do? Cut me again?" You taunted before his fist collided with your nose as you fell backwards onto the concrete floor.

"Jesus Christ man!" The other man yelled as he got the old man outside of the room and the one who hit you followed, glaring at you as he closed the door.

You felt the knife in your hand as you began to cut the ropes.

"Do you have some kind of death wish?" The hostage nagged.

As soon as he finished his sentence you freed your arms and began to cut the rope on your ankles.

"No, just a plan," you said confidently as you stood up and stretched.

When you walked over to the door, the man said something,

"Forgetting something?"

"How can I trust you...?" You narrowed your eyes at him

"I'm an agent of the U.S.A, I work for the president himself. My name is Leon S. Kennedy."

You sighed in defeat, "I hope you're telling the truth," you walked over to him and cut him free, "Don't make me regret this..."

"You won't. Now, let's get out of here."

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