"Ooo Gerard's girlfriend." The fellow members of my band taunt, I feel my cheeks get flustered. Will they ever let it go? I doubt it, they've been screaming and bragging ever since I told them. "Aww Tori's embarrassed!" Clarie rushes towards me and wraps her arms tightly around my shoulders, squeezing gently. "Soon it's going to be 'Victoria Way'" She whispers into my ear, I punch her gently.

"Dick." I mumble as she pulls away.

"Jerk." She replies without expression.

"No but seriously! I'm so happy for you! You guys can have babies!" Samantha slurs, wow I definitely do regret telling them.... And they're drunk so they probably won't remember a thing. Tate takes a swig from the bottle, they reeked strongly of alcohol. I grab my phone and throw a jacket over my shoulders, looks like I'll be staying in My Chem's bus for the night. I sneak out quietly, they don't appear to notice, I'm careful to make my steps quiet and precise. I begin to walk to My Chem's bus; it didn't take that long to get there. I knock on the door, I'm relived when Gerard answers my knock.

"Hey." He says with a warm smile, his hazel eyes stare into mine.

"Hey to you too." I reply, I was still shivering even though I had a jacket.

"Hey Tori!" Frank smiles, he was always so happy, he was like a hyperactive puppy.

"Hey, I'm crashing with you guys tonight; my band are wasted." I tell them, sitting on the couch next to Frank. Gerard chuckles, sitting next to me and resting his arm over my shoulder. "Guess that works out well, I missed you." He leans forwards and presses his lips against mine, I didn't care that his band were there watching. It's not like they kissed their girlfriends in front of everyone. Gerard pulls back, he has a smirk ridden on his lips. I snuggle against him, resting my feet on top of Frank's legs. Gerard smelled of coffee and cigarettes.

"Ugh, I can never unsee." Mikey says with a disgusted expression.

"Well you should've have been watching Mikes." Gerard retorts, Frank nods in agreement.

Ray and Bob stay quiet, sunken down in the back probably playing a game.

I close my eyes, I couldn't force them open forever.

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