Chapter 49

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As the hours passed slowly, she sat waiting for Greg to return wandering how to approach the topic with him. It would never be easy, and she had no idea how he was going to react to this. She had put off the appointment that Elliot had made, needing to sort out everything else before she even thought about that mess.

Hearing the door close, she took a deep breath releasing it slowly as he appeared around the wall. "Hey, I have something to tell you." "I think we need to talk too..." He frowned briefly wandering further into the room before taking a seat beside her. "Everything okay?" Smiling gently she shook her head looking to him.

"Greg, look I think we both know this isn't working-" "Connie wait. I know I haven't been here as much as I should, but there's been a few things I needed to sort out." Shaking her head she pushed her hair back from her face. "No, it's not that. This, us, it's not right... I shouldn't be feeling like I do when you're not here. This relationship doesn't make sense to me anymore."

Greg reached forwards taking her hand as he moved slightly closer to her. "Connie I'm sorry that I haven't been here for you, but I have something I need to tell you. I've been offered another job, and I've taken it." "What?" Lifting her eyes to him she was taken aback by what he was saying. "That's brilliant..." "You don't sound too happy?"

Shrugging she slipped her hand out from his folding her arms against her chest. "Is this why you've been disappearing all the time?" "Yes, I wanted to tell you sooner but there never seemed to be a right time-" "A right time? Greg, it's just a job... I can understand you leaving Darwin." He nodded clenching his jaw which didn't go unnoticed by her. "But it isn't just leaving Darwin... I'd be leaving Holby, leaving the UK."

The breath left her lungs as she sat opposite him. Despite the fact she was ready to end her relationship with him, hearing that he was leaving the country was the last thing she wanted to hear. "You've already taken the job?" He nodded quietly as she watched him. "Wow... When do you go?" "End of the week, look I know this is quick but I just couldn't think of how to tell you."

Standing up she wandered towards the windows looking out over the city. On the one hand this should have made her happy, she would be able to move on as she wanted to. Yet she couldn't help feel like she'd be losing a part of her that she wasn't sure she was ready to say goodbye to. "Come with me." "What?" Spinning on her heel she faced him as he stood, moving closer to her.

"I don't want to leave you behind here... Come with me. Me and you, we can sort everything out away from here. We can move away from it all." "I wish we could, but moving away isn't going to solve our problems Greg..." "So you're going to forget everything, just like that?" Shaking her head she turned back to the window again.

Taking another deep breath she looked back at him. "I don't know what I want anymore... This isn't good anymore, why would moving make it any better?" Greg stepped closer placing his hands to her forearms. "Because I love you, and I want to make this work... Tell me you don't love me-" "But sometimes it isn't enough, Greg."

Feeling the tears in her eyes, she looked away before he caught her wrist turning her back. "Marry me." Her eyes widened in shock as the words dropped from his lips. "What?" "Marry me Connie... Marry me and come with me to America. We can make a life for ourselves out there, we can be truly happy together."

She couldn't deny the thought did make her somewhat happy. "Greg I-" "I don't need an answer right now... I have to leave Friday, but please, Connie... I want a future with you, a family with you." The word were enough to make her ears ring, the thoughts from earlier returning to her mind. She could leave with him, have this baby and never have to consider anything else. But she could also stay here, and never have to consider that alternative life to live abroad.

"Think about it, please..." Nodding quietly she found herself unable to do anything else. "Okay." Greg smiled pulling her into a hug which she accepted, resting her head to his chest briefly. Thoughts ran wild in her head, knowing that she should have ended this before hearing anything else. Yet something stopped her and she couldn't seem to ignore that part of her.

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