Chapter 46

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The pub was lively with people as she sat herself down at the table beside Elliot with a smile. "Just because I've decided to come out, does not mean something has to be different." Elliot nodded beginning to take a drink before looking around noticing the size of the table they had sat at. "Expecting others?"

As he spoke a loud racket from behind them caught his attention. "I figured a night with some company couldn't do any harm." Elliot smiled as Sam wandered over with a few other members of staff. "Elliot... Connie-" "Evening..." Smirking to himself he shook his jacket off placing it over the chair beside her before wandering to the bar with the others.

"No Greg?" "Said he had to prepare something for a meeting." Elliot frowned as Connie lifted the glass to her lips shrugging. "I don't bother asking anymore... I know, it's bad but in all honesty I feel he wouldn't tell me even if I asked. He's been weird ever since he got back from the conference last week." Elliot placed a hand to her arm with a small smile as people began to descend upon them.

Despite Connie's reservations on the evening, it passed quickly and she found herself at ease with everyone. "Where's Greg?" "Ugh, really?" Sam shrugged as he leant closer leaning towards her ear. "I was just wandering whether there was any chance of me taking you home tonight." Connie smirked with her glass close to her lips. "Well if you play your cards right Mr Strachan, we might just see."

Their eyes met briefly before he returned to his prior position, his hand falling to her thigh beneath the table. The conversations continued to flow between the table, as did the drinks. Connie was on her second glass knowing she needed to be in work the following morning somewhat early compared to the rest of them.

She glanced at her watch as Sam stood at the bar, noticing the small action. Finishing his drink he squeezed back past the people between them before placing a hand to his jacket. "I'll call a cab now. Come out in five minutes." Connie smiled briefly as she watched him step outside. Finishing her glass of wine, Elliot excused himself too as the pair said their goodbyes disappearing out the front together.

"It was lovely to see you tonight. I'll see you in work tomorrow?" Connie nodded as she accepted the small hug from Elliot before he disappeared along the road. "Hey, should be here in a few minutes." Connie smiled as she wound an arm around his waist leaning into his chest. "I text Greg, said I wouldn't be back tonight." "And what did he say?" She shrugged looking up to him. "Phone just so happened to die after that." "Did it now?" "You calling me a liar Strachan?"

Shaking his head he smiled leaning down to capture her lips gently as a taxi pulled up before them. After giving over his address he sat back comfortably with her leaning into his chest. "You... Are a very good man Sam Strachan." Frowning half entertained he looked down to her. "You drunk Mrs Beauchamp?" "No... But I'm not entirely sure I'm sober either."

They were soon at his flat and inside in a matter of moments. Connie fell down to the sofa tiredly as Sam got them each a glass of water before joining her. "How are you enjoying the single life?" "Hardly call this the single life." She rolled her head to look at him as he sat beside her, reaching for her hand. "Okay... Are you ready to give all this up when the truth comes out?"

Sam caressed her hand with a small smile. "You know what? I think I am." A smile passed her lips as he stood up. "Right you, lets get you to bed." Groaning he laughed before stepping closer, moving an arm behind her back and beneath her legs to carry her. She wrapped an arm around his neck holding onto him as he carried her through to the bedroom. "I don't have any clothes here... But then again I suppose you planned that didn't you?"

Shaking his head he threw her a t-shirt causing her to smirk. Changing into his top she climbed into bed beside him, quickly becoming comfortable tucked into his side. "Good night Connie..." "Night Sam." He tightened his arm around her waist as they settled down, neither worrying about anything or anyone else.

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