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Imagine for Arabella_Joyy

I have recently moved to London. It's the biggest decision I have had to make. Moving away from my family. But it was the best thing to do, being closer to work. I'm in a band called little mix and the girls live in London too. So me moving here has made it a lot easier. Back at my last home I would work out quite a bit. But since I've moved I haven't had time to. Yesterday i registered with the local gym and I'm going to start today . Hopefully I can get back into shape.

I rolled over and looked at my clock. '5 more minutes ' I said to myself. I knew that wouldn't be a good idea as the 5 minutes would turn into an hour. Which is not good. So I pulled the covers off of me and sat up. I had a shower and got dressed into my gym clothes. The gym is only 15 minutes away from my house so I decided to jog there.

When I arrived I was so out of breath.I sat down in the reception and had a drink of water. 'Looks like someone hasn't been working out' I heard a voice say. I looked up and there i saw James. James and I have been friends for years but we seen each other in a while. 'Well I haven't had my gym partner to keep me in shape' I replied while laughing. 'Well, he was the best' He said with a cheeky smile. He then stepped closer to me. 'I've missed you Arabella'. 'I've missed you too James' I replied, giving him a hug. 'Fancy working out together?' He said raising an eyebrow. 'Of course, just like old times' I said with a smile.

James and I worked out together for about 2 hours. He's the best person to work out. He motivates me so much, he knows what I am capable of. Even though I say I'm not, he has faith in me. 'Okay, I've had enough now' I said having a drink. 'Me too, fancy going to the café down the road?' He asked. 'Sure, I'm starving!' I replied. You and James walked down to the café. ' They really shouldn't have this cafè so close to the gym. Its bad' he said, looking at the cakes. 'Well one won't hurt' I said raising an eyebrow.

James and I sat down at a table for 2. While we ate we both had a catch up about everything that has been happening since we last saw each other. James has been up to do much. He spoke about writing the third album and the new tour. I also told him about everything little mix have been up too. 'Damn, you girls sound busy' he said while eating his cake. 'We are. Its just part of the job and we love it! The only thing is we don't really have much free time' You explained. 'Ah, so you won't have time to have a date with me' he said sadly. I was so shocked by his words! 'Of course I will have time for that' I said quickly with a massive smile. James smile grow bigger too. 'Great. I will pick you up tomorrow at 7.' He said, giving me a kiss on the cheek. James left the café to go home and I was just left with a massive smile on my face. I was so happy!

Thank you for being patient. I am really sorry everyone's imagines are taking a while but I currently have 7 assignments to do, so I'm trying to write these while I'm on the bus (as that's the only free time I have).

Hope you enjoyed this :)

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