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I can force a laugh...

I can force a laugh

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The sun was out and there was no sign of the Cullens. Ana sat outside with Jessica, Bella and Angela. Though the other three were in conversation Ana couldn't help but read the text messages from her phone.

Paul: Hey, Ana, about the other day.. I'm really sorry, I don't know what came over me.

Ana ignored the text, within moments her phone had vibrated again. Again the message was from Paul, she did feel guilty about ignoring him but she felt nearly nothing for the boy other than friendship, her heart was taken by Jasper and neither of them even knew that yet.

Paul: Are you ignoring me?

Again Ana ignored the text. She really hated ignoring him, she just met him and she already felt bad. Her chest ached for her to answer but she knew she couldn't. Again her phone buzzed, then again and again. Getting sick of the continuous buzzing she finally looked at the messages. Two from Paul and one from Jasper, who miraculously had somehow gotten her number.

Paul: I'm sorry for whatever I have done, I truly am.

Paul: Ana?

Anastasia: I'll text you later.

Ana replied back to Paul then opened Jasper's message. Her eyes widened in shock at the message but she expected nothing less, it was exactly what always happened.

Jasper: What happened last night, it can't happen again. Ever.

Ana's breath hitched in her throat, she had been at that school for nearly two weeks and one of the only people she could trust had just hurt her.

Anastasia: I agree, do me a favour? Don't text me back, we aren't friends, remember?

Anger pulsed through her veins even though she regretted saying that, she was glad she did. Her head had dropped as her phone vibrated in her hands.

Jasper: Ana..

Anastasia: No, Jasper. You were right, you're not good for me.

Ana looked up at the group and tuned in for once. Angela turned her head from Bella to Anastasia. "You coming too? Port Angeles? Tonight?" Ana nodded as her phone buzzed again, her head instantly flicked down as she opened the message.

Jasper: I may not be good for you, but at least let me in? You can't just ignore me, you never did before. You are one of the only people I've spoke to outside of my family, why would I throw that away?!

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