~Imagine 6~

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Your POV:
It was my first day at school and I'm so nervous.
I mean what if everyone thinks I'm ugly? What if no one likes me?
I got bullied in my last school so that's why I changed. I didn't miss anyone because I didn't have any friends back there. And I probably won't have any here either.

I walked to the school alone and pretended to text someone so people didn't think that I was alone, which I was.
When I got there I bumped in to someone.

- Sorry for that, a boy said.

I looked up and saw a brown haired boy with
chocolate brown eyes.

- Are you new here?, he asked.
- Umm, y-yes. I said nervously.
- Hi, I'm leondre. Do you want me to show you around?
- Yeah sure.

He showed me around the whole school and then he showed me where my classes was.

When we got to the classroom we were first so I started introducing myself to the teacher.

Then people started to come in.
I sat by myself because everyone had their friends and I was alone, as expected.
But I felt like someone was staring at me so I looked up from my book and saw Leo staring.
When he saw me he looked away and smiled.

He stared writing a note and threw it to me.

'Hey, do you want to hang out after school? Here's my number *phone number* <3'

I looked up from the note and smiled and gave him a thumbs up. He made me feel comfortable even if I didn't know him.
I was like o forgot about my past.

Leondre's POV:

- Hey, that new girl right?, Kevin asked me.
- Shut up, I said.
But actually she is really beautiful.
After a while I got a message. It was from an unknown number. I hid my phone so the teacher didn't see.

'It's Y/N' the text said.

I looked back at her and she just sat and read her book, smiling. She was so cute.
I decided to text her.

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