Chapter Thirty-Eight» Azaad

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I was dreaming,

Everything around me, felt like a dream. As if, knowingly yet unknowingly the world I knew; was a figment of my imagination, yet I still wanted to hold on. A little while longer.

I remember, years back. As a little girl I asked Ammi about Heaven. How heaven looked and whether I was good enough to go heaven.

The soft kind smile, that made Khadija Khan's features light up, had unfolded my answer, and made the five years old heart flutter in happiness, for truly I was a good and I would go heaven.

Every night, I prayed to walk through the gates of heaven with my family. I prayed for security and I prayed for good health. I didn't expect my whole world to turn upside down. I didn't expect to marry again and see, the small world I had built being torn apart, right before my eyes again. I had always been taught if I was good. Good things would happen.

Abba had once said ' If you do one good with someone; one day when you're in need. Someone will come long and help you'.  His words were like a spear to the heart; striking nice and clear. Till this day, I can hear his masculine voice ring loudly in my ears. Again and again.

If I did good to someone, one day someone would do good to me. Those words had been a beacon of light in my darkest hour. Even, when I had lost all hope. The shimmering light remained, leading me on.

As years went by, tragedy fell and I didn't think I'd go heaven. I had made mistakes, done things I regretted yet at the bottom of my heart. I prayed, I prayed I would go heaven.

And here I was, sitting beside the greenest meadows amongst the soft stream, trickling down;  the soothing sound of water reaching my ears. Wondering, with a single thought running in my mind.

Had I truly gone heaven? Is this what heaven looked like?

A warm breeze sweeped across the meadow; making goosebumps erupt throughout my body. The orchids placed near the stream, danced lightly against the wind. An eternal peace swept through me, making my eyes close tightly.


A small word. A small word nations cry for, Freedom. I felt free.

I felt free at last.

" What are you thinking? " Whispered a familiar voice, echoing across my ears. Opening my eyes lightly, I found them landing on a handsome face, sitting before me. A radiant smile filling his features.

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