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I can fake a smile...

I can fake a smile

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Paul stood in the exact place he had met Ana yesterday. He wore nothing but jean shorts, again. His hair was more ruffled than the previous day and his brown eyes were fixated on finding her. Ana walked up to Paul with a grin. "Hey, Ana." He spoke as he pulled the girl in for a hug.

Confusion wrapped around her mind. Why is he hugging me? She thought, the girl cautiously wrapped her arms back around him but her eyes widened at the heat coming from him. Why is he so hot? It's Forks, shouldn't he be freezing? She questioned as she pulled away.

"Hey Paul, you wanted to meet me?" The boy nodded as the two walked along the beach. Rain had started to fall and slight breeze had picked up, typical weather for Forks. Ana looked up at the sky, the rain was more of a drizzle as it fell onto her porcelain skin. The water splashed off her face sending chills down her spine.

Paul stopped walking and faced the girl. "I know we just met but I feel like I can trust you already," he paused as he exhaled sharply. "I feel drawn to you, something about you. Maybe it's your appearance or maybe I'm just a big flirt. I don't know." He mumbled. Anastasia laughed and crossed her arms.

"Yeah, I understand the feeling." She answered, as much as she could relate; it wasn't relating to him but more over Jasper, but there still was a connection between the two. Anastasia could feel it. "I just," Paul spoke but cut himself off as the rain grew heavier.

The rain coated Ana's hair and her face, her red lipstick smudging slightly. Paul gave a faint smile and wiped his index finger under her lip, getting rid of the smudge. When he looked down at the girl he realised how close they actually were.

"This is going to sound really weird." He mumbled as he ran a hand through his wet hair, Ana nodded. "I've only just met you, but I've never felt this way towards a girl before. Especially one I just met." The boy didn't lie once, he never had felt like this for a girl before.

This is exactly how they described the imprint, he thought as his eyes darted down to her lips then back up to her eyes. Ana chuckled softly as she looks down then back up. "What're you trying to say, Paul?"

The ebony haired boy took a step closer and wrapped his arms around her waist. "We just met, but I know you can feel this connection too. It can't just be me." That said Anastasia nodded, her hands were still crossed over her chest as her heart beat sped up.

Paul gulped as he slowly lifted one hand to her cheek, his eyes closed as he slowly leant in and kissed her lips. Anastasia, who was now in shock, slowly raised her right hand and swung a punch at his jaw. "Don't you dare touch me!"

Ana scoffed and walked away without giving Paul a second glance.


Later that night Ana decided she needed to go for a run to collect her thoughts. Why had Paul kissed me? She thought as her legs slowly started a jog through the forest. There was no sounds around her except the odd howls that came from the other side of the woods and the occasional animal sound. I don't even know him and he thinks he can just kiss me? What a jackass.

She knew it wasn't safe to be in the woods alone at night, but Anastasia didn't care nor would she ever. What happens if I screwed everything up with Jasper? Her mind reminded her of the incident that happened in the cafeteria.

Her feet continued running as if they had a mind of their own and not long after did she find herself outside of the Cullen house. Confusion struck her first, the front door opened revealing Jasper. He looked at the girl confused then took a step forward and closed the door.

"What are you doing here, Anastasia?" Jasper asked not trying to be quiet as he knew his family would hear him anyway. Ana shrugged her shoulders and wrapped her arms around herself as the wind picked up; the only thing she had to cover herself was leggings and a tank top.

"I - I don't know, I was out on a jog then I was... here." She mumbled as she looked around confused. Jasper sighed and ran a hand through his hair before taking off his black jacket and wrapping it around her shoulders. "What are you doing?" Ana asked as the boy slid her arms through it.

"Making sure you don't get sick." Ana gave him a smile and wrapped the coat closer around her frame. It was obviously big but Jasper still thought it looked good on her nonetheless. Though one thing stopped his train of thought, the distinct smell of dog that hovered her.

His eyebrows furrowed in confusion but he quickly turned his face into one of no emotion. "So, what have you done today?" He asked calmly but he was eager to find out. Anastasia shrugged again and looked up into his eyes. "Bella, some friends and I went to La Push beach. Then some friend asked me to meet him."

Jasper's fists were clenched tight. His knuckles were whiter than they were before, picturing Ana with someone else made him shake in anger. "Who was your friend?" His tone wasn't as friendly as before but still didn't sound angry. "This kid, Paul Lahote? You might know him." Jasper looked through the forest and glared, he didn't know the new recruit in Sam's pack but he had heard of him.

"Heard of him, yes." He spoke. Ana looked up at the boy confused and grabbed his hand trying to soothe his angry expression. As soon as her hand grabbed his she winced at how cold it was. "Jesus, Jasper, why the hell is your hand so cold?!" She exclaimed as she rubbed his hand in between her own two.

Jasper froze, his face falling into one of shock and happiness. He had never had the feeling he was having then, never experienced the happiness he was having as she simply held onto his hand. Jasper turned to face the girl, he held both of her hands and pulled her closer to him. Ana's hands fell onto his chest as she gasped at the sudden contact.

A simple smirk formed on his lips as he bent down slightly to meet the girl's level. "I can't stay away from you, Anastasia. No matter how hard I try." Ana searched his amber eyes for any sign of lying, though she found none. She didn't know what she was getting into and she couldn't have cared less.

She let a smile form on her face as she placed his hands on her hips and her hands on his cheeks. She knew what was about to happen and she completely forgot about the moment that had happened earlier that day on the beach with Paul.

"It's not like I can stay away from you either." Jasper nodded and closed his eyes while he pressed his freezing lips to hers. Ana kissed back, her hands found his hair, the girl gripped lightly on his hair. Jasper growled lightly against her lips as his finger nails dug into her hips.

Ana didn't want to hurt him, she didn't want to hurt Paul either. She knew something would happen eventually between the two; a feud would happen. Because right then she realised that she was slowly growling feelings for the blonde, and the connection between Paul and her would grow too.

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