Chapter 48

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Strutting through the department, Sam was surprised to hear her footsteps coming towards him. "Mrs Beauchamp?" "Mr Strachan, a word?" He nodded with a frown as he followed her towards her office stepping inside after her. "Everything alright?"

With the door shut he looked to her as she turned and stepped into his arms. Sam was taken aback by the action but quickly wrapped his arms around her. "Hey, what's up?" Shaking her head she released a heavy breath but didn't speak. Sam pressed his lips to the top of her head as Connie closed her eyes tightly.

"If this is about talking to Greg-" "It isn't, well not exactly..." Sam ran a hand through her hair helping to instantly calm her. Burying her head further into his chest he ran a hand up and down her back. Connie held onto him knowing she had to say something, had to tell him the truth but she found speaking the words almost impossible.

The tears that had been in her eyes yesterday returned as she tried desperately to fight off her emotions. "Con?" Sam pulled back to see a stray tear rolling down her cheek. Taking her hand within his, he lead her to the sofa taking a seat beside her. He laced his fingers with hers as she sighed shaking her head. "I don't know how I was so stupid to let this all happen Sam..."

Swallowing past the lump that had risen in her throat, she kept her eyes on their hands rather than looking to him. "It's not all on you, we both let this happen..." She scoffed slightly unable to say whether it was him that had let this happen just yet. Although the thought went through her mind, she didn't speak the words. Before she said anything to him, she needed to know for sure herself.

Shaking her head and running a hand through her hair she looked to him putting on her best face. "I'm sorry for being so off with you lately-" "It's alright, I don't blame you. You're doing the impossible running this department in the way that you do." Offering a small smile she leant into his embrace as he placed a kiss to her temple.

"Greg's taking me for dinner tonight, says he has something he wants to talk about... Then I'm going to tell him. Not about us, but that I can't do it anymore." Sam watched her unsure if this was really what she should be doing when she seemed so unsure about something. "Connie, you need to be sure that this is really what you want. Don't do anything that you'll regret."

Nodding she squeezed his hand before looking up to him. "I'm sure about this... I promise." Sam smiled as she leant closer placing her lips to his briefly. "You better get back-" "As long as you take it easy today. I don't believe for a single second that you're feeling much better than you were yesterday." Connie smiled shyly as Sam caressed her cheek before placing a tender kiss to her forehead. "I'll come back in a few hours with some lunch for you."

Rolling her eyes Sam laughed ducking out of the office as Elliot came in. Before he had a chance to sit down Connie spoke. "Fancy a coffee?" Elliot looked up with a quick smile nodding his head as he grabbed his jacket following her out. Getting their drinks, he noticed the difference in her order as they wandered outside towards the bench.

"So... You want to talk?" Releasing a sigh she lifted her cup to her lips taking a small sip. "I don't really know where to start..." "How about the obvious?" She scoffed gently letting her eyes drop to her lap. "Can't get anything past you, can I?" Elliot placed a warm hand to her arm as she looked up to him. "What do I do?"

He saw the tears within her eyes as he moved closer to her, an arm draping around her shoulders. "Oh, Connie..." Letting the tears fall she leant into him gently. "How did I let this happen Elliot?" "You weren't to know-" "I'm a consultant, I know exactly what happens when you have sex Elliot."

Sitting up, she ran a hand back through her hair. "It's not all bad-" "I'm pregnant, and I don't know who their father is. It can't get much worse than that." "Why don't I make a few calls, see if they can fit you in upstairs?" Connie bit her lip as she focused her eyes on something in the distance, trying anything to avoid this situation.

"I was so ready to end things with Greg, finally stop all of this and just move on... But now... What if it's his? What if I'm pregnant and I'm about to end that relationship for something else?" "And what if you were unhappy in the relationship? That's no way to raise a child, you and I both know that." Sighing to herself she ran a hand across her forehead nodding, knowing he was right.

Connie felt her phone vibrating in her pocket. Taking it out she saw Sam's name on the screen. "You clearly know where you want to be, follow your heart for once." Lifting her eyes to him she smiled gently with a nod. Standing up, Elliot disappeared back inside as Connie remained alone for a few moments to clear her head.

By the time Elliot wandered into the office again later that day, laughter was emerging from the room. Wandering in he slipped the paper with an appointment on it between his files as he stepped inside. Sam and Connie were sitting on the sofa eating lunch as he wandered to her desk placing them down. "Those, papers you wanted." Connie looked over to him with a nod before turning her attention back to Sam. "Thank you, oh I need to get away an hour early tonight is that okay?"

Elliot nodded with a smile as Connie continued her conversation with Sam. The shift passed quickly and before she knew it, she was in her office packing away her things as her phone began to ring. "Hey, I'm leaving the office now-" "Connie look I'm sorry but I'm going to have to cancel dinner... I received a phone call about a meeting they need me at tomorrow so I'll need to leave now." "Oh..."

Connie stood quietly as she placed the folder down to the table. "I'm at home now, just packing a small bag and I'll be back tomorrow night, promise I'll make it up to you." Connie bit her lip as she listened to him before responding. "Fine, speak to you later... Yeah, bye." Ending the call, she remained where she was before throwing her phone down to her desk.

Throwing a few things into her bag she threw it over her shoulder before picking up the stack of folders as the piece of paper fell out from between them. Seeing it, she bent down to grab it noticing a time for tomorrow morning on it. Smiling to herself she was so focused on it, she didn't hear the door open.

"Knock knock..." Folding it away quickly she looked up to see Sam in the doorway. "Haven't you got a date to be getting home for?" "Yeah, he cancelled for another meeting." Sam sighed wandering further in as she gathered up the folders she had been holding from before. "And that's your solution?" "Got a better idea?" He shrugged taking the folders from her and placing them back on her desk. "Come to mine, have dinner, relax and then you can go home."

Smiling gently she nodded as he stood opposite her. "See you at yours in an hour?" Sam nodded as he looped his arms around her waist. "Sounds perfect." Kissing her quickly, he let her walk away out of the office, a smile on his face as he finished up the shift and headed back for an evening with her.

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