Twists of Fate

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"Come on, come on now. Settle down, you lot."

At the shuffling of feet and little conversations here and there, Kingsley Shacklebolt leaned a little to his side towards Molly Weasley as she tried to assemble everyone together in her cozy living room. "Does not matter how old they get they still never listen."

Huffing in agreement, Mrs. Weasley nodded her head as she watched disapprovingly as Ron gave his sister a shove; pushing her away before she took the armchair he loved to proclaim as his when they visited the Burrow. "Their children act more orderly than they do,” she replied to the dark-skinned man, an old family friend. "Just hopeless, they are."

"Shove me one more time, Ronald, and you'll lose that hand, I swear it."

"Well, move, Ginevra!" The tall redheaded man had retorted to his sister, patting the armrest so his wife could sit by his side. "Your fat ass is getting in the way of things."

Clenching her jaw tight, Ginny Potter was pulled back a step for fear of that dangerous look in her eyes. "You're one to talk about someone's weight, Ron. Put on another twenty pounds, have you?"

"Alright, that's enough!" Molly scolded before Ron turned completely red in the face and someone started shooting spells from their wand. "Sit, all of you. Now,” she commanded as Harry pulled Ginny to the seat next to him and one of her older brothers.

Stepping from behind his wife and the Minister of Magic, Arthur Weasley looked brightly at all the expecting faces waiting for someone to speak. "We have called you here today for a few reasons, and one of them being that most of you are still members of the Order of the Phoenix."

Raising an eyebrow, Pansy Weasley looked skeptically at her father-in-law. "Then what are Zabini and I doing here?" She asked. "Isn't there some kind of no-ex-Death-Eaters policy?"

Mister Weasley looked momentarily confused. "Who told you that, Pansy?"


"Only because that's what Weasley said when I tried sneaking into one last time!" Blaise Zabini, sitting on the floor with his legs crossed like an obedient child, had blurted as everyone looked at him. "You lied to me, you slimy git!"

Grunting as the ex Slytherin glared at him, Ron shrugged casually. "Well, you shouldn't have pissed me off that day, Zabini. Who's the fool now?"

"Alright, alright, forget it!" Mrs. Weasley had shouted at the crowd before Zabini could launch himself towards her youngest son. "Pansy darling, you’re family, obviously we trust you. And you, Blaise, dear, you’ve proven yourself more than loyal all this time. We trust you just as much."

Scoffing but looking pleased, Blaise muttered a, "you lot better."

"Can we just get on with it?" George Weasley had asked, frowning at his mother as he tapped his foot impatiently. "It was Teddy's day off, and ironically, so was Victoire's. And if I take longer they'll think it'll be alright to close up my shop and use it like a five-star hotel!"

From a seat next to her scarred husband, Fleur glared at her brother-in-law. "My daughter would never in 'er life do such a zing!"

George snorted. "Obviously you haven't heard the story of the violated archive room in the Auror Department."

Getting tired of the pointless discussion, Kingsley stepped next to Arthur and in a rough voice said, "listen carefully Aurors and Order members alike because this information will not be repeated ever again." And the silence fell. "Listening to the recording that Auror Lupin took from his interrogation with Gregory Goyle the Wizengamot reevaluated the sentence that’d been given to him. As an Auror Department we gave him five, but the Wizengamot gave him twenty years."

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