Chapter 1: Who are you?

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Jack's POV 

     I woke up to the sound of my alarm. Groaning, I turned it off and slipped out of bed. Looking in the closet, I found my white t-shirt and my blue hoodie. I pulled them on as I walked over to my dresser to grab some blue jeans and socks. 

     My mom greeted me in the kitchen with some toast. "Thanks Ma," I said picking the toast up, heading for the door.

     "Have a nice first day of school, Seán," she yelled after me. I pulled my phone out as I finished up my toast. I entered the school and looked through my notifications. Then something hit me. Hard. I fell to the floor, growling at the person on top of me. 

      "Get off a me," I raised my voice at the heavy person. That's when I found myself face to face with a man with dark brown eyes. He had bright red hair that looked like blood, making him stand out, and he had some nice muscles. Suddenly, he moved off and glared at me.

     "Be more respectful, young man," he's voice low and sexy. What!?! Did I just call his voice sexy!?! This dude fucking ran into me! I gave him the same look back and stood up brushing myself off.

     "Who are yea calling, 'young man'," I shot back at him. He stood more straight up in response making him seem taller than he actually was. Without him standing tall as possible, he's slightly taller than me.

     "Well, I am a teacher and you, sir, are a student," he said calmly. Those words surprised me when they slipped out of his mouth. He's a teacher!? Damn, pretty hot for a teacher... Wait, what the fuck is wrong with me!?!? I'm not gay! I quickly looked away from him and just kept moving. Great. New teacher. Hopefully I don't run into this asshole in one of my classes today. I roll my eyes and head to my first class.

Author's Note~

Hey Guys! This is my first fan fiction so it might be shit... But I will try real hard! I hope you have a nice day, see yeah!

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