~Imagine 5~

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(Best friend💗🙏🏻 = Leondre)

Best friend💗🙏🏻: Hey Y/N xx

You: Heey xx

Best friend💗🙏🏻: Wassup?

You: Nothing much u?

The truth is.. I was thinking about him. We've been best friends for 8 years and I've been in love with him since the first day I saw his beautiful face. But we're just best friends.

Best friend💗🙏🏻: Actually I was wondering if we could meet in the park in five minutes?

You: Yeah okay, but I look like shit so be prepared!

Best friend💗🙏🏻: I don't believe u but okay lol.

He's always making me smile, even if he is just joking. God I love him so much. It hurts that we can't be more than best friends..

I got ready and went to the park. When I got there I saw Leondre sitting on a bench looking at his phone, as always.

- Hey Leo, I said and he looked up, smiling when he saw me.

- And you said you were ugly?
I blushed and he giggled.
We sat down on the bench and looked at the sunset. I noticed Leo staring at me.

- You know, the sunset is there right?, I said giggling.

- Ohh, Yeah I know. He said blushing!
A couple minutes later he stood up and so did I.
- I should go home, I said.

- No.
I was confused.

- What do you mea-
I was cut off by him talking.

- Fuck it. He said and kissed me.
I was really surprised at first but then I kissed back. His lips were so soft. He pushed me so I leaned on a tree.

- I've wanted to do this for 8 years, he said between kisses.
I smiled and kissed him harder. After a while we both pulled away, out of breath.

- Do you want to be my girlfriend?, he asked.

- Does this answer your question? I said and kissed him again.

He smiled.

Omg this was so baaaad.
Sorry for not updating. But heeey!? We're almost a hundred reads!! Wtf?!

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