Chapter 45

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The week went by slowly as Connie strutted around the corridors, her heels echoing as she went. Pushing the office door open she almost collided with Elliot who was emerging. "Everything alright?" "Oh, um, yes... Just need to get down for a surgery." Connie stepped to one side holding the door open as he moved past and disappeared down the corridor.

"Everything alright with Professor Hope, he seems a little flustered?" Connie looked up from where she was looking to Elliot as Sam wandered closer. "I don't know... Anyway is there something you wanted?" Sam let the door close behind him as he followed her inside the office. "Could say that..." Turning around with a small smirk she watched as he stood the other side of her desk.

"Well Mr Strachan, I'm afraid that I'm really quite busy. You know it comes with the job, actually having to work, a concept I know you're not very familiar with." He mocked laughter as she went to move past him before he caught her hand quickly.

Connie was reluctantly pulled into his chest as he wrapped his arms around her waist. "Sam I have patients to see-" "Well I think I need a doctor... You see I'm worried that there might be a problem with my heart." Turning around to look at him she arched her brow folding her arms against her chest as he spoke. "That so?" "I'm worried that it's been stolen you see-" "Oh please that is the worst line I have ever heard."

Pushing him away he laughed further as she shook her head with a smile. "Don't ever give up your day job Strachan." "Wouldn't dream of it Beauchamp..." Strolling towards the door that she was opening, he leant against the door frame looking back to her. "It's not every job you get a drop dead gorgeous boss." "Hmm, flattery gets you nowhere Mr Strachan. Work." Moving past him, she didn't give him a chance to say anything else as she emerged herself into conversation with another member of staff.

The day shuffled on without much happening. Sam found himself sitting in the staff room as Greg came in whistling. "Someone's in a good mood." Pulling open his locker door he smirked changing out of his scrubs. "Got to take what you can get working somewhere like this... Patient in bay 4 wants to marry me, but who wouldn't?" "Don't flatter yourself Mr Douglass, you're not that irresistible."

Connie's voice caught their attention from the entrance of the room, Sam fighting to hide the smirk that came to his face. Greg rolled his eyes before looking across to her as he pulled his shirt down over his chest. Connie smiled over at him before her eyes moved to Sam. "Mr Strachan, can I speak to you about a set of notes please?" Sighing he dropped the magazine he'd been flicking through to the sofa before moving out of the room.

"Connie?" "Greg?" He smiled moving closer to her as she smirked looking up to him. "See you at home in an hour... Don't be late." She narrowed her eyes watching him as he neared her pressing a kiss to his lips. "What are you planning?" "Nothing... Just be home." Kissing her once more she walked along the corridor to where Sam was leaning against the wall, his eyes anywhere but the sight before him.

The jealousy that always rose in him at seeing them together unhealthy. "What's wrong?" "Hmm?" "The patient notes you wanted to talk about?" Connie suddenly remembered as they walked along the corridor towards reception. "Oh, I just wanted an excuse to talk to you before the shift was over."

Sam smirked as they kept walking, quickly approaching the main desk. Connie leant against it reaching forwards for the pile of folders that sat waiting for her. Sam stood directly behind her as she stood up, his lips moving towards her ear. "You didn't need an excuse, I'd happily spend a little time with the boss." Looking towards him past her shoulder she saw the sly grin on his face, his hand pressing against her back.

"Well in that case Mr Strachan you can take these folders to my office." "Of course Mrs Beauchamp." Pushing them to his chest, he took them before wandering towards her office while she finished signing the few that were placed before her.

Wandering the department back towards her office she saw Elliot wandering down the corridor towards her. "Elliot, everything go well in surgery?" "As well as it could go... Sorry about this morning, I was slightly-" "Say no more... I was wandering if you wanted to go for a drink tomorrow evening?"

Elliot walked the final stretch of the corridor beside her as he frowned suspiciously. "A drink?" "Yes, it isn't an entirely foreign concept to me you know." He smiled as he opened the office door spotting Sam sat opposite Connie's desk. "Mr Strachan?" "Ahh, I just had those folders you asked for Mrs Beauchamp-" "It's fine. So are you free?"

Sam watched as Elliot sat down behind his desk while Connie grabbed a few files and sat on the sofa. "Yes, I'd like that. Will be good to see you for an evening, it's been too long since we last spent any time away from here." She smiled across before skimming over the document on her lap.

It was quiet for a few moments before Connie looked up at Sam with a smile. "You're welcome to come, if we're not tearing you away from anything too important." He leant back in the chair pulling a face causing Connie to roll her eyes. "Well I have a very busy schedule-" "Oh I'm sure you do."

Laughing to himself he watched as she began to pay attention to her folders once more. "I'm just getting a coffee, Elliot?" "Please." He smiled getting up and catching Connie's attention. "Two sugars still?" A simple smile told him so as he continued to the door disappearing momentarily.

Elliot looked at his work before slowly lifting his eyes to glance over at her. "So, you two seem, comfortable?" Letting the folder rest against her lap she pushed her tongue to her cheek with a small sigh. "We're just friends-" "I didn't say otherwise... But if I didn't know you, I'd say you didn't entirely believe those words."

Looking up from the files, she turned to him telling him everything he needed to know. "And does Greg know how you feel?" "Not yet... I'm spending the weekend with him. I can't just drop it on him, it's not fair. And I still care about him, I just don't see how working on our relationship will change how I feel about Sam."

Elliot gave a simple nod and smile. "No need to explain... But if you need a friend at any time, my door is always open." "Thank you-" They were interrupted as Sam came back inside carrying three cups of coffee. Placing one down on the desk for Elliot, he moved towards the sofa with the others sinking down onto the sofa, leaving enough space between them to not raise any questions.

Connie took her cup gratefully before leaning into him, resting against him slightly. Sam was sceptical at first before quickly lifting his arm across the back of the sofa as she leant further into him becoming comfortable as she continued on with her reading as though Elliot wasn't in the room with them.

Sam ran his fingers across her arm back and forth soothingly as she continued making her way through each document. It was comfortable, it felt right, it felt normal. As though they both had the same thought at the same time, Sam looked towards her as she glanced up. "I'll talk to him this weekend..." The smile that came to his face spoke volumes as she turned her back to him, resting into his chest as she finished off her shift in the confines of the office happily.

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